Scarsdale Fitness Business Adds Armonk Location

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Equinox Fitness Clubs purchased THE GYM of Armonk last week.
Equinox Fitness Clubs purchased THE GYM of Armonk last week. Photo Credit: Equinox website

ARMONK, N.Y. – THE GYM of Armonk was sold to Eqinox Fitness Clubs, owner Robert Lazarowitz said in a message to members on Friday.

The business at 99 Business Park Drive has been owned by Lazarowitz for seven years, according to the letter. Equinox has clubs in Mamaroneck and Scarsdale in Westchester County, and two clubs in Fairfield County, Conn. It also has clubs in several other states.

Equinox has provided their members with life-changing results for over 20 years and we feel strongly that they will exceed your expectations and continue to motivate and inspire you to achieve long-term results,’’ Lazarowitz said in the letter.

The club offers a variety of fitness programs, including Pilates, studio cycling, yoga and total body conditioning. Learn more on the business website.

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Comments (10)

This is great news! This would help in making workout processes easier. Better equipment would also be made available.


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I contacted Lifetime fitness and was quoted $159/month for a single membership without tennis ($199 including tennis) A couples membership is $249/$289.

Does anybody know the price schedule of the Saw Mill Club?

Was a member of Equinox in the past. Their due are around $145 per month not including initiation fees.

Equinox's facilities are pretty much run the same way the Gym is. Clean, classes and lots of equipment. PT training is very expensive and the trainers are good. You can expect the monthly dues to go to $140 as soon as Equinox has the opportunity to raise them. New memberships will be sold at $140 a month + initiation which they say is for the upkeep of the place. Robert probably received an offer that he couldn't refuse. Who knows if he will open another location in Westchester or if he had to sign a non-compete.

Their website is still not up to date. Armonk is not listed -- and why can't they post their fees online? what's the big secret? I have no interest in paying them a visit before I know what it's going to cost me.

I've heard about that place. How much does it cost? The Gym now costs me $110 per month. If I have to drive to White Plains, I'd also consider NYSC, Planet Fitness, or The YMCA, all < $100 per month IIRC. Another thing I noticed, the email I received from the Gym's founder, Robert Lazarowitz, was sent from the email address of Jaimie Nicastri, the general manager. Why did he not send it from his own email address? And he said the usual boiler plate crap about difficult decisions, service you've come to expect, etc etc. Why not be upfront and say he sold to Equinox because they made him an attractive offer? Nothing wrong with building a good business and turning a profit on it. Just be truthful. None of this passes the smell test.

The email from Equinox contained the phrase: "There will be no change to your membership pricing at this time……". There better not be, we just endured a $10 per month price rise for 2014. This is an excellent gym, but the price is already quite high. Any more and I'm out. The email also mentions a number of "enhancements" and a "multi-million dollar renovation", none of which is needed as The Gym is already quite well equipped and up to date. I do not like where this is going.

When the do, just jump over to Lifetime Fitness. It's more money, but what a facility!