Scarsdale Library Hosts Discussion On Coyotes

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SCARSDALE, N.Y. -- Frank Vincenti, founder and president of the Wild Dog Foundation, will separate fact from fiction about coyotes at the Scarsdale Library on Sunday, May 4 at 2 p.m. 

“Urban Coyotes: Ecological Recovery or Conflict in the Concrete Jungle” will cover the coyotes’ ecology and behavior in an effort to promote co-existence with the animal. 

Vincenti has appeared on numerous public access television shows and spoken in Central Park as a guest speaker for the Bronx Zoo volunteers.

The Scarsdale Library is at 54 Olmsted Road.

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I've seen Mr. Vicenti's presentation about coyotes in the past and it is excellent. This man really knows his stuff---studying wild dogs is his life's work---and he really dispels a lot of fear and misinformation. I highly recommend this event.