Anti-Fracking Protesters Picket Cuomo Fundraiser In Tarrytown

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Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore
More than 100 protesters lined the sidewalks on Broadway in Tarrytown to protest upstate fracking.
More than 100 protesters lined the sidewalks on Broadway in Tarrytown to protest upstate fracking. Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore
More than 100 protesters lined the sidewalks on Broadway in Tarrytown to protest upstate fracking.
More than 100 protesters lined the sidewalks on Broadway in Tarrytown to protest upstate fracking. Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore

TARRYTOWN, N.Y. -- More than 100 vocal anti-fracking protesters from the Westchester area picketed outside the Doubletree Hotel in Thursday while Gov. Andrew Cuomo attended a campaign fundraiser.

Fracking, or hydro-fracking, is a method used to get natural gas from rock. New York has plentiful gas deposits trapped in rock deep below ground. To release the gas, drillers pump down million of gallons of water filled with chemicals.

The protesters, who arrived before 5 p.m. and remained at the busy intersection where I-287 empties on to Broadway at the entrance of the Tappan Zee Bridge, until 7 p.m., chanted and displayed signs demanding that the governor ban fracking in the state. 

Gov. Cuomo arrived at the event undetected while the protest was going on a left in one of two black SUVs just a few minutes after 7 p.m. when most of the protesters had gone.

"We're here to send a strong message that Gov. Cuomo should ban fracking and that we are going to be there to tell him to do that, literally everywhere he goes," said Alex Beauchamp, Northeast Region Director of Food & Water Watch, which sponsored the protest. "There are a number of issues with upstate fracking, but wherever they end up fracking, it effects the water system."

Members of Concerned Familes of Westchester and students from Purchase College, SUNY New Paltz and Bronx Community College lined the sidewalks in front of the Doubletree as dozens of rush hour motorists honked their car and truck horns to show approval for the protesters.

Victoria Hudson, who has demonstrated against fracking in Albany as well as locally, said the governor has a responsibility to the health of New Yorkers.

"Fracking will effect the drinking water of millions of people in New Jersey, Pennsylvania an New York," Hudson said. "And we all buy dairy products and Governor Cuomo is so proud of the dairy industry in the state. If he wants to ruin it, he should allow fracking. But if he wants to keep a healthy dairy industry he has to ban it."

Almost 15 months after his administration began a study to evaluate the health risks of the hydraulic fracturing process of drilling for natural gas, Cuomo said in December 2013 he did not have a timeline for the report’s release.

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Comments (18)

Corporations benefit with or without fracking. Higher demand means higher energy prices. Subsidies pay for green initiatives, too. Either way, the companies make money on the tax payers dime.

I don't know how many jobs can be "created" by fracking. For example, people talked about the new Hudson River bridge as "creating" jobs and the tax payer ends up paying the workers' salary so the Thruway authority (not the state) can benefit from our tolls.

So if someone claims jobs are being "created," some questions should be asked: who is paying their salary and who is ultimately benefiting from the labor.

Not to say fracking is good or bad. Whatever the political/industrial machine decides, the people loose.

I will say, though: it's not right that Cuomo is sneaking through the back door of the Double Tree to avoid his constituents.

100 people yelling about stopping energy independence is one of the top news stories in Greenburgh? We all want clean, inexpensive energy and a clean environment but these radical environmentalists have no realistic answers and would bring this country to its knees...Regulate the fracking so it remains safe and clean and let's get on with the business of not bowing and kneeling to the middle east, Russia and South America..all such great friends ours...take your signs to Venezuela and to the front of Sean Penn's house..PS did you spit on any people offering dissenting views..the left/liberalism have become the intolerant/anti-'liberal' in contemporary American Society.

We can live without using natural gas, but we cannot live without safe drinking water. We need to protect our upstate watershed. I urge all the people who are pro-fracking to do your research to see that areas that have been fracked in other states have made people and livestock sick and have contaminated wells, etc. They pump hundreds of dangerous chemicals into the ground to extract the natural gas and the gas companies won't even tell us some of the chemicals they use. Please, I beg you to not be blinded by money. What good will money
be when we are all sick and possibly dead because we allowed fracking to poison our natural water supply.!

We can't be divided by the need for good jobs. We need to focus on renewable sources of energy, cut down on our dependency, and put our health and resources front and center, and not the needs of corporations to make a profit.

This shows that Governor Cuomo is losing support from the people of new york. Even I thought Governor Cuomo will do a better job when he was elected as Governor. I sent him a couple of complaints about some issues I have, but he never take any action. This is not what people wanted in a democratic country where all are treated equally. I don't blame the protesters for their good cause. Unless governor listen the voices of the people and take action he will lose the next election.

Hey Lawrence and you other pro-fracking folks - take a look outside your State and see why smart folks who want jobs & revenues DON'T want fracking. Google Florence, Arizona. How about Fracking using millions of gallons of hydrochloric acid into the ground (water table) to leech out copper and other valuable minerals? How about the $985 million awarded today to clean up 50 sites within the Navajo Nation (AZ & New Mexico) for Uranium "mining" where the business doing the mining/fracking went belly-up and fled?? Your tax dollars at work BTW. You DO pay taxes, don't you? Once the water is screwed, so are you. It can't be undone. Fracking is a bad idea...and yes, not just because of the earthquakes produced - look for yourself at the US Geological Survey data and make an informed opinion - not a knee jerk uninformed one. Try not to mix up the legitimate need (gas production) with the illegitimate approach (fracking).

I googled Florence, Arizona and found nothing about what you are talking about. The truth is, if done responsibly, hydraulic fracturing is an effective technique in ensuring that we sustain an energy independent economy. Municipalities and states have plenty of regulations to ensure this.

Since there are not enough gas lines and no future gas exploration ,Heating with the high price of #2 heating oil , Can we buy a small Nuclear water pressurized Reactor for my furnace as an add on.?

Fracking will create thousands of jobs, and will be good for the economy. The alleged "accidents" caused by fracking were actually acts of sabotage by the anti-fracking activists.

This was a great turnout for one of the most important fights in our state and nation--to stop fracking of LNG and also to stop the pipelines they want to use to export this gas to other countries. I was so proud to be a part of this demonstration that asked that Gov. Cuomo say no to fracking and the storage of fracking waste in our State. For you naysayers on this site, we'll just have to put up with this very small minority and keep fighting even on your behalf!

So your answer to our energy needs are to import more from the Middle East? That's no solution and neither are solar/wind.

Most of the Middle East hates us, why would you want to support them instead of us? Is this part of the wealth redistribution matrix you Dems so proudly endorse?

Soon PA will have pumped out all the gas and nothing will be left for NY, except the scraps as usual.

I attended State Senator Greg Balls's presentation on his investigation/visit to Pennsylvania to observe the effects of their lack of regulation of the extensive fracking there. It was horrifying! The degree of destruction and consequences to the farms and residents was tragic. Residents in some areas are cautioned to have windows open when showering because of the gas in the water. And there are real links between fracking in the mid-West and earthquake activity where there had never been tremors. This is one reason California is looking at banning fracking.

Fascista throw-backs..the " I Care So Much About People" so called "liberal, progressive" crowd who will spit in your face and insult your momma if you disagree with them..we all want a clean environment but these knee jerk ideologues are just sloganeers who use minor incidents to make them look major..probably all worked for Solyndra until that disaster smacked us in the face..go take a ride on Al Gore's private jet..

I'll bet half the drivers honking their horns as they passed the protesters had no idea what they were protesting and were giving them the international drivers salute for slowing up traffic

Fracking has been going on for 60 years and has been proven to be safe and an effective way to obtain natural gas from shale. When Governor Astorino allows fracking, it will foster a truly new NY.

Fracking is a nightmare. Haven't we ruined our planet enough?

Thank you Protesters. So easy for big corporations who live far away from their fracking, to say it's safe.I Many famalies can now light up their kitchen sink water with a match because of fracking. No thank you

You do know that that "fire from the kitchen faucet" thingy happens quote often and is NOT related to fracking, right?