Kerry Kennedy: Family Name Didn't Play Role In Acquittal In White Plains

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Kerry Kennedy maintains that her family name did not help in her acquittal from drugged driving charges.
Kerry Kennedy maintains that her family name did not help in her acquittal from drugged driving charges. Photo Credit: Casey Donahue, File

BEDFORD, N.Y. -- Bedford resident Kerry Kennedy said her family name had nothing to do with her acquittal from a DWI charge in a Monday interview on NBC's "Today."

Kennedy said her access to "competent counsel" was the reason for the "not guilty" verdict.

Kennedy was found not guilty of driving while under the influence of drugs, claiming she accidentally took a sleeping pill instead of a prescribed medication for a thyroid condition. She sideswiped a tractor-trailer on I-684 in July of 2012 before being found asleep at the wheel in her car later that day.

Click here to read the full "Today" report and watch the video of the interview.

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Comments (11)

Surprised that she walked,given the hatred evident in these ignorant responses and from the general opinion of many.Should never have been brought to trial,but publicity like this is hard to dig up.

True justice would have been the judge issuing a gag order after the trial...

Hasn't this made everyone gag already? Why would a judge have to order that?

I live in N. Salem and I am familiar with the stories and related dramas in this community that involve celebrities, politicians and wealthy citizens circumventing the justice system. I have a background in mental health and drug abuse both personally and professionally. I find it hard to believe that taking ONE Ambien instead of Thyroid medication would cause K. Kennedy to hit a truck and end up off an exit slumped over the wheel. Was a full toxicology report taken? What else was in her system? As noted in local media the cost to taxpayers was enormous. I have worked for the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility where black and Hispanic women languish because they do not have legal representation for crimes that involve drugs and alcohol. The media quoted Ms. Kennedy as saying, "Ms. Kennedy wondered if someone unable to pay top-notch lawyers would have been able to mount as strong a defense as she had, and said the episode warranted “a hard look at the criminal justice system to make sure everyone is treated fairly in America.” I would suggest to Ms. Kennedy that she commit her talents, wealth and considerable insight into advocating for those who are not treated fairly in America. She could start here in her community with Bedford Hills Correctional.

I am a graduate student studying social/public policy and currently taking a justice administration class in which we are discussing these very issues. How can any citizen have faith in the legitimate workings of our legal system not only because there is an assumption that because of the Kennedy name she was acquitted but also because there is the reality that our system is laced with corruption. If you are white and wealthy you are often granted a "Get out of jail free" card. I would also suggest Ms. Kennedy keep her Ambien on the night stand and her Thyroid medication in the kitchen. V. Buren

Yes ! I have a Bridge.........

Whatever happened to the Trucker Driver whose vehicle she struck or did he cause the accident ?

I read he lost his CDL for awhile, then his job and got convicted for leaving the scene. If he were a Kennedy he would have been cleared ASAP. The me-me-me, merciless Kennedy Clan strikes once again.

He lost his job, but she apologized dontchaknow.

He did nothing wrong but got punished severely.

What would Honey Fitz say?

He would say Bravo we deserve to win. See what money can buy !

Kerry Kennedy DID get acquitted BECAUSE of her family name. And it helped her, too, when the family brought in her mother Ethel, in a wheel chair, to garner sympathy from the jurors. Interesting to note that on the day of Kerry's acquittal, her mother Ethel miraculously was able to WALK out of the court house, no wheel chair needed.
Anyway, she's free now - free to do it all over again, but next time, maybe some innocent person will be injured or even killed by her irresponsibility and negligence.

So has the standard defense for DWI become: "I drank to much by accident" or does that only apply if you a a Kennedy?

yeah, sure. That's why she invoked it from the first minute of the trial to the last, and why the Judge had to admonish both her and her counsel to stop with the Kennedy narrative. Grandpa Joe would be proud.