Cuomo Announces Addition Of 100 Investigators To Combat Heroin Epidemic

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Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced the addition of 100 new narcotics officers to help battle the heroin epidemic.
Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced the addition of 100 new narcotics officers to help battle the heroin epidemic. Photo Credit: File

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday a new state-wide initiative to help stamp out the recent rise in heroin use. 

The multi-faceted approach includes the addition of 100 experienced investigators to the State Police Community Narcotics Enforcement Team (CNET), nearly doubling the number of troopers currently serving in the unit.

Additionally, the state will launch an unprecedented effort to make supplies of naloxone, a leading overdose antidote, available to all first responder units in the State.

“Today, New York State is taking a major step forward in the fight against heroin," Cuomo said in a statement. "By nearly doubling the State Police’s drug enforcement units with the addition of more than 100 seasoned investigators we are going above and beyond to combat this deadly drug.

“Additionally, providing supplies of naloxone to all first responder units and raising awareness through our SUNY and CUNY campuses will save lives in communities across the State.”

There are five regional CNETs deployed across the state to assist local police with areas blighted by drug trafficking and related street crimes. Through CNET, specially trained State Police undercover narcotics enforcement personnel are available upon request to assist any police agencies north of New York City. CNET personnel fill a critical void for many rural, suburban and small city police departments, which typically lack the personnel or resources to maintain their own trained undercover narcotics units.

“Heroin use, heroin sales and related heroin drug overdoses have become a widespread problem that simply must be addressed," State Police Superintendent Joseph D’Amico said in a statement. "A crisis this large must be combated on all fronts. I am pleased that the governor has committed the necessary resources needed to meet that challenge.”

In addition to the increased state police presence, the Governor also announced the launch of an awareness and support campaign involving all SUNY campuses that includes making heroin awareness part of every incoming student orientation. 

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Let them overdose, it's their choice to do drugs, no elses. I shouldn't have to pay to clean up the life of some low-life herion addict

This is something new....perhaps we can blame this outrageous escalation in drug us ON the Governor....if it weren't that he is up for re-election, this would remain a non-essential item....the Governor isn't in the loop for the common resident in New York...the escalation of heroin use in the schools in Westchester County alone is shocking and not at all recent.....the monies for drug enforcement and enhancement of programs should have been on the table the very first year of his is now a "crumb"tossed out because Cuomo is desperate for re-election.

Governor Cuomo-Heroin is an awful thing that needs to be gotten rid of. However there is currently a disease in Port Chester, N. Y. affecting 6,000 Home and Business Owners. It is called The Amnesty Program.. The village Board of Trustees has legislated an unprecedented law requiring every Home and Building Owner (6,000) to obtain New Certificate of Occupancies although they were granted one by The Village Building Inspector at the time their Homes or Buildings were erected decades ago. they are being forced to pay 3 or four fees and fill out 3 to four pages of information or receive exorbitant fines if they do not join the Amnesty program. This is un-American and very possible illegal and nothing is doing anything about it. The Board of Trustees has claimed no court has jurisdiction over the law they passed since this is a locally legislated law. This is a crisis situation and needs your
immediate attention, since it is their intent for this to be an example for other towns , villages and cities to emulate. It has already created havoc in the village of Port Chester. People are suffering emotionally as well as financially in these sad economic times. They are claiming it is a code enforcement issue which is a poor excuse for financially bleeding the villagers already hard pressed financially. You can fix this problem. I am certain!

It's all for reelection. We have been reading about and dealing with Heroin overdoses for years now. Tsk Tsk......

Heroin is a very real problem in our county. The Guidance Center of Westchester has taken several steps geared toward intervening and addressing the wide spread use of heroin and other illicit opiate substances (ie: misuse of prescription pain medication). As a designated training facility for overdose prevention, The Guidance Center of Westchester's Chemical Dependency Treatment Center has staff trained in the use of NARCAN, and is slated to provide training to outside agencies and law enforcement authorities to assist with combating a growing epidemic and preventing heroin and opiate overdose. For additional information: or 914-632-1374 / 914-664-4042.

The unfortunate thing is that it took an increase in the number of heroin overdoses and an upcoming election to get our Governor to act on something that should have been in place long ago.

Why not hire another 100 instead of shifting them from one press release to another?

As a parent I support a " drug free environment". I don't want to see my children using any types of drugs. I am glad that Governor Cuomo finally decided to combat drugs in New York State.In my opinion, that is a good move .

As a parent I am very suportive of this initiative. Kyle and Patrick heroin is now being descibed as being an epidemic in our community. Our children are being stolen from are being denied a viable parent because of addiction . As a parent I want to enjoy my children. I believe that I should feel safe where I live.

I hope that the increased resources being invested will make positive impact in the work already in progress by our law enforcement officials.

He's been in office for how long and just doing this before an election? His opponent would do the same. They're both vying for the "all you can steal" job.

Of course he is - it's an election year...

Another political grandstand play that will do nothing but waste money. Astorino is no better.