Cuomo Maintains Huge Lead Over Astorino

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Andrew Cuomo still enjoys a massive 36-point lead over Rob Astorino, according to a recent Siena College poll.
Andrew Cuomo still enjoys a massive 36-point lead over Rob Astorino, according to a recent Siena College poll. Photo Credit: File

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Gov. Andrew Cuomo still enjoys a massive 36-point lead over Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino in the gubernatorial race, according to a recent Siena College poll. 

Cuomo holds a 57 to 21 percent lead over Astorino. Even more troubling for the Westchester Republican is that more than two-thirds of New Yorkers don't know who Astorino is, the Siena College poll said. 

“There are five months till Election Day. No race is over in June," Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg said in a statement. "This is a snapshot of all registered voters, not just those likely to vote in November. All true. But true too are two other facts: Astorino has a huge gap to close, and it’s hard to beat a popular incumbent when you face a two-to-one party disadvantage and you are unknown to two-thirds of voters, including 70 percent of your own party.”

Only 13 to 21 percent of voters say they align with the Republican candidate on issues like improving education, medicinal marijuana or the SAFE Act.

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Comments (13)

Cuomo is a failure for the people. He's done nothing about lowering taxes - his mandates for the 2% cap on property tax is a lie. He refuses to address the corruption in Mount Vernon, and won't even visit the city as he campaigns for re-election, because he knows he can be assured of the mostly Democrat voters (both alive and dead).
As Attorney General he was a major failure for the people, and a winner for the criminal bankers. When Cuomo charges, convicts, and imprisons the Wall Street bankers for their crimes against the people, the I may have a little respect for him.

Cuomo's record speaks for itself.. not only will he win, he will win big.

Rob is in a great position, as is Chris Day v. the odious Nita Lowey. If these guys win it is a sign that NY is sick and tired of horrific leftist Dem rule.


In an article on May 21, 2014 written by Joanne Wallenstein at www. scarsdale10583 .com Scarsdale Mayor Bob Steves was asked to comment on the petition for a deferral. Speaking for himself he said, "After a number of conversations and the inadequacies of the prior roll, I see no reason to delay implementation of this roll. There has been nothing that has come to my attention that should delay the reval at this point."

Due to much widespread confusion to many Scarsdale homeowners on all levels of property worth who are having trouble understanding the methodology used by Tyler Technologies, Inc. in determining their reassessments, further clarification would be beneficial.

To better understand and being it is public record listed on the Village of Scarsdale's website
www. scarsdale .com (Assessor section under "Property Inquiry") let us ask upon Mayor Steves to please explain how Tyler Technologies methodology works for example with his own home and property's reassessment and compares to his next door neighbors property. Here's how they compare side by side:

Assessed Value Total: Tentative 2014 AV / 2013 FMV AV / (Adjustment amount)
Mayor Steves' house and property (2 Fairview Rd.): $1,094,000 / $1,104,046 / (Decreased $10,046)
Next Door Neighbors house and property (4 Fairview Rd.): $968,000 / $609,827 / (Increased $358,173)

Property Information
Mayor' house: 0.44 acre
Next Door Neighbors house: 0.38 acre

Building Information/Living Area
Mayor' house: 2534 sq. ft.
Next Door Neighbors house: 1600 sq. ft.

Mayor' house: B 105%
Next Door Neighbors house: C 100%

(Note: For "Overall Condition" rating as follows: Excellent, Good, Normal, Fair, Poor)
Overall Condition:
Mayor' house: Good
Next Door Neighbors house: Poor

(See the Scarsdale Village website for more details as to how these two properties compare).

Please Mr. Mayor help us in understanding why comparable houses and properties have such large marginal differences in using Tyler Tecnologies' methodology that determines 2013 market value reassessments?

Who else took this very positive action other then the Governor. Give credit where it is due and stop playing politics with a serious issue. I say there are many serious issues which need attention and the Governor is doing wonderful things for his constituents'

The Governor's positive and remarkable action on the Heroin problem is to be highly commended. Vote or Andrew Cuomo!

It is to be recommended however it took too many tragedies for him to finally do something when it could have been done sooner. If you don't think that's political then you don't see what goes on in politics all the time because it's what politicians on both sides unfortunately do.

The only poll that counts is the one taken at the polls on Election Day!

The only poll that counts is the one taken on Election Day! Let's not write the "Dewey defeats Truman" headline prematurely now...

Asterino has no chance of winning and is running only to raise funds and his name recognition for future campaigns. New Yorkers will not vote for conservatives who are against abortion rights, against environmental protections, and want to cut taxes for the wealthy while reducing the safety net for the poor. His type of politics might work in Virginia or Mississippi but not here.

The telling part of the poll, not mentioned in the DV article, is that only 32% of respondents say New York is better off than it was 4 years ago, and 28% say that they themselves are better off than they were 4 years ago. Makes you think that the only reason Cuomo is ahead is because most people don't know who his opponent is yet, but that will change. Astorino has time to become known, but Cuomo doesn't have time to change how people perceive the prior four years.

That's the same lead Eric Cantor had over his opponent.

Then, let's hope Cuomo goes the way of Cantor! Adios!!