Greenburgh Supervisor Says Tappan Zee Bridge Should Honor Seeger

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A call to rename the Tappan Zee Bridge for Pete Seeger is faining some interest after the legendary songwriter and conservationist died this week.
A call to rename the Tappan Zee Bridge for Pete Seeger is faining some interest after the legendary songwriter and conservationist died this week. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Anthony Pepitone
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GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- A move to rename the new Tappan Zee Bridge now under construction in honor of folk singer Pete Seeger is gaining some momentum.


Should the new Tappan Zee Bridge be named for Pete Seeger?

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Should the new Tappan Zee Bridge be named for Pete Seeger?

  • Yes. Seeger played a large role in the Hudson River conservation.

  • No. The bridge should keep its name.

  • Westchester and Rockland residents should vote on a new name

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Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner made the suggestion Monday after the famed singer/songwriter and activist, who was a leader is conservation of the Hudson River for decades, died at 94.

"When one thinks of the Hudson River and the environment one of the first names we think of is Pete Seeger." Feiner said. "He pushed for a cleaner river in the 1960s (long before others took on the cause) and used music to push for an environment friendly river. He sang "Sailing up my dirty stream" and kept pushing for a better river."

The bridge is being built to replace the current Tappan Zee Bridge between Westchester and Rockland counties. It is scheduled to open in 2018.

Feiner said naming the bridge for Seeger would honor a man who led the fight for a cleaner river.

"A world class new bridge should be named for a world class environmentalist who made our region a better place," Feiner said.

Feiner said he would send his suggestion to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and members of the state Legislature.

More than 2,500 people have signed an online petition supporting the Tappan Zee Bridge renaming for Seeger.  

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Comments (30)

Cuomo@#$#$# - I'm surprised he hasn't suggested his own name for the bridge; and speaking of Cuomo, doesn’t it amaze anyone else that every time you hear politicians say: Oh, I got a grant or a loan from the County or the State or the Federal Government for the building of a bridge or highway; or relief for storm victims; or for more education dollars; or to build a pipeline; or to give Foreign Aid* to governments like Egypt who burn our flags in the street or any other country in the world, that they want the credit as proof of their invaluable representation? One thing we should all remember: THIS IS OUR MONEY - NOT THE GOVERNMENTS! It didn’t appear one day as manna from above, they are the trillions of dollars the government, all of them, from Villages and Towns, States and Counties and the ubiquitous Federal government have collected [and some ways confiscated] from our earnings. So next time you hear someone like Governor Cuomo say he extracted a 1.5 billion dollar loan from the federal government for building a bridge, think about this loan and ask yourself are you are getting any interest on the loan and if you are getting any of the payments on the loan – TO REDUCE YOUR TAXES! Obviously, the answer is an emphatic NO. Don’t let politicians fool you, any of them, Democrats or Republicans, into thinking they are doing you a favor. Yes, the private sector can and does do more and with greater efficiency that any government bureaucracy,* and these monies are humanitarian; not for weapons or American flags that can be burned and stomped-on in the streets of the very countries we give the money to buy those flags. I’m for a tea party, the one like The Boston Tea Party on December 16, 1773; where the demonstrators hurt no one but destroyed the entire supply of tea sent by the East India Company in defiance of the American boycott of tea carrying a tax the Americans had not authorized. They boarded the ships and threw the chests of tea into Boston Harbor, ruining the tea. The British government responded harshly and the episode escalated into the American Revolution. We know what happened from thereon – at least I hope we do...

Wow ny1imfun you still remember Idlewild - me too - loved tha name - let's just settle this dispute - and name the new bridge the Feiner-do-nothing- folly-bridge.

I think we should make our opposition known not only to feiner, but to Rob Astorino and all of our county legislators as well as cuomo. If we spend too much time on feiner (who doesn't deserve the press), then we miss getting our message out to those who make the decision.

While I agree pete did an amazing job championing the worthy cause of cleaning up the hudson I am not in favor of renaming anything. where is the jackie robinson pkway, the rfk bridge, the ed koch bridge and JFK. PLEASE! Way way too much renaming. KISS. interboro, triborough, 5th st and Idlewild for me forever. we all have too much to remember already

Amen to all who recognize the truth about this 'peaceful, 'freedom loving', mediocre singing, guitar strumming dude who is probably the godfather of this awful, corrupt politician who keeps getting elected by the brain dead in Greenburgh. I don't understand why his actions, lack of action, promotion of a communist sympathizer and "subtle" racism is not vilified by our community..breathtaking how little citizens know about their so-called reps...all civilizations rise and fall...we are collapsing from within...

Pete Seeger was a folk musician and environmentalist, but he was an ardent supporter of Communism. For that, he deserves no praise or commemoration. Rename something in Cuba, but not here.

This is exactly what I predicted because the Daily Voice hack sucks up to Feiner's every command for media attention. Here we had Feiner rush to get his own name in print by trading on the death of Pete Seeger, who whether or not you like his music or politics, was never an advocate for the bridge but for the detoxification of the Hudson River. One of the songs he sang with the lyric "which side are you on" was not about "GPSing" Nyack or Tarrytown. Nevertheless Feiner just had to rush in within hours of Seeger's death and use the Town's elist to promote himself once again. And with all of Feiner's self-created problems he has good reason to deflect readers and voters away from Greenburgh financial issues and onto matters over which he has no control.
Unfortunately for the Seeger family, they have to be witness to the opening of Paul's Box. In anticipation of Mr. Lopriore's predilection to publicize Feiner, here's what I wrote here after reading Feiner's rushed email:

Now "who will be the first in line" to capitalize on Seeger's death? First on "this train" is Greenburgh Town Supervisor, Paul Feiner with an idea so stupid and insensitive that even the Daily Voice which loves Feiner might have some scruples about publishing. Greenburgh under Feiner, having cost residents a net $5,500,000 court award (after being found guilty of violating the civil rights of an African American Church) because of Feiner's wanton actions and losing nearing $3,000,000 of rent revenue by not meeting (Feiner again) to renew the WestHELP lease (affordable housing) which expired in September 2011 (vacant and deteriorating since) is hardly place from which to board "this train". Mindful residents need to focus on their government and in 2015 perhaps they, too, shall overcome.

Submitted on January 28, 2014 - 8:49am. edit reply

Marc - right on brother. We live in a republic now that is without a fourth estate. This site and others like it have nothing to do with journalism or real journalists. This and Patch are used by self serving egotistical, politically correct, opportunistic, politicians like Feiner. People had better wake up and wake up quick before Feiner and other's like him (Hastings has real gem of a version of this in their current Mayor Peter Swiderski) lead us to absolute ruin. We are desperate for a change and new voices. Absolutely desperate.

Sure Seeger was a great songwriter & musician. But let no one forget his enthusiastic support for the most vile and murderous ideology mankind has known. A lifetime Communist with particular admiration for Stalin should not receive the same honor bestowed on true American greats like Geo. Washington, Robt. Kennedy, Ed Koch, Hudson, etc. All the beautiful music in the world does not overcome the moral failing of supporting Communism even after knowing of the millions that that system murdered. Seeger deserves no better place than the discount bin at a music store. (Are there any still around?)

Another Feiner bright idea. Congrats Paul! After toiling away relentlessly, throwing all kinds of craptastic ideas against the wall in the hopes some media outlet will run with it....SCORE! PS Thanks for $6.9 million tab we have to pick up because you violated Fortress Bible's 1st amendment rights. Pete would be so proud!

Mr. Feiner should tend to his own business in Greenburgh. If he likes Seeger so much, maybe he can attach a plaque to his house. Seeger was a talented musician and singer, but he was also a dedicated Communist for most of his adult life. We don't name bridges after Communist activists. If someone thinks he deserves it, erect a statute with private funds in Beacon, but leave the Tappan Zee bridge alone. What's next - the Harry Belafonte Newburgh Bridge?

It's ludicrous, just as Feiner is; do you think that's all it takes, just a name. What about the thousands of signs that need to be changed and the millions of road maps which need to be changed [what are we charging $150.00 toll?]. What is it with people, that everytime someone of notoriety dies, we have to memorialize their name. If Mr. Feiner wants to pay for all those costs; then I say go ahead; but I want to see the money on the table first; such a moron - Feiner. And while we are changing the name, why not hang a hammer and cycle to commemorate the opening of the bridge with a Да здравствует царя [Hail to the Czars] who the real Pete Seeger loved - what ever happened to the America where I grew up -do they teach history in schools anymore [I know they don't teach math - the registers went down in the A&P the other day and noone could make change - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - I can't yell loud enough; such bulls..t.

Another stupid idea by Fiener about this bridge.
Renaming bridges after a person never goes well.
How many people are calling this bridge by its renamed name - The Malcolm Wilson Bridge? Sorry Mr. Wilson.

Let's name the dog parks in his memory where all the dogs shit

While I applaud the idea of commemorating the man, I can't help but think that there is a better way to honor his memory. A far more fitting tribute, and ideal way to perpetuate his legacy, would be to petition the National Park Service to rename the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area in his honor. The TZB will be a gigantic, man-made steel and concrete edifice that will enable millions of vehicles to spew noxious fumes, petroleum by-products and associated detritus into the very ecosystem that Mr. Seeger strove to protect for decades to come! This would be a complete contradiction to his life's work - tantamount to naming a battleship or a nuclear missile after Gandhi.

Cool idea.

The Pete Seeger "Hammer and Sickle" Heritage Area.

Love it.

Leave it as Tappan Zee Bridge. Maybe Mr. Feiner should look into the history of the naming of the bridge, and focus on more important issues.

Why do we always have to rename a bridge? RFK bridge? People still call it the Triborough. Please... leave it as the Tappan Zee Bridge. The name represents the history of our area. We don't need it named after a folk singer who hardly anyone knows about.

The correct name for the Triborough?

The R.F.K. "Martin Luther King Wiretap" Bridge

My sentiments EXACTLY!!! Feiner and other politicians should do what they're elected to do!! Shut up about things that don't concern them.!!

Feiner is a fake and a fraud and should pay attention to really important issues, rather than naming bridges after folksingers, which is really what Pete Seeger was.

Lisa; seeger was more then that, he was anti American. He is not now, nor ever was news worthy!!

Seeger was a devoted Stalinist well into his mid seventies, decades after the rest of the world condemned the slaughter, by his Communist idol, of many millions.

He championed Che, Mao, Pol Pot, his "teacher" Uncle Ho Chi Minh, and many others who shared the same animosity for our country.

He was one of America's most successful Communists, and deserves the renaming of the The Tappan Zee.

The Pete Seeger "Hammer and Sickle" Bridge

Has a certain ring to it, no?

Could not have said it better myself!

Feiner is such a man for his time. Any opportunity to name a park or a bridge and they come out of the woodwork. Enough ideas and concepts, break a sweat in Greenburgh, Feiner. 18,000 thousand dollars worth of politically correct accessories and about 4 bucks of nuts and bolt, hard working public official. Thanks for contribution, Paulie.

Tell like it is. Good job

Feiner doesn't have any roots in Tarrytown. As a native of Tarrytown I watched the bridge being built and was one of the first groups to walk over the bridge on opening day. The name should STAY THE SAME!!! I do hope to be around for the completion of the new bridge and have the opportunity to walk over that one as well.

If this communist folk singer would have had is why he would have stopped the construction of this bridge.
Suggesting we should name the bridge for this enemy of freedom shows your
Political leaning. Let's bury him and for get him. We are better that he is dead.

Another excellent response. It saddens me to see that a majority of the respondents to this poll are in favor of re-naming the TZB after this old leftie..

Thanks for the comment Draginc...all the best.