Hillary Clinton: Secretary of Partying?

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took time off from her busy schedule Sunday night to knock back a few beers and dance the night away with friends at a bar in Colombia. 

According to the New York Post, the Chappaqua resident was photographed partying in a Cuban-themed bar called Café Havana. She reportedly danced the rumba and was drinking a beer called Aguila ("Eagle").

Clinton is in Cartagena with President Barack Obama for the weekend-long Summit of the Americas.

The photos come on the heels of the popular 'Texts from Hillary' meme, which featured photos of Clinton texting on a military jet while having invented text-message conversations with celebrities. The Tumblr blog where the meme originated ended its run on April 11 after Clinton herself posed with the site's creators.

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Are you saying it's inappropriate for the Secretary of State, after the day's work is done, to absorb some of the local color and beer with her hosts? State secrets for brewskis?

Grow up!