Metro-North Adds Trains For Friday Afternoon To Relieve Crowding

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- After crowded conditions were reported Friday morning, Metro-North is pre-positioning trains to provide extra rush-hour service for commuters on the afternoon trains back to Westchester County and elsewhere.

Metro-North is operating on a Saturday schedule on this post-Nor'easter Friday.

Customers are urged to monitor the Metro-North website for service information before traveling.

"We are aware of crowding on trains and are running extra trains to relieve crowding. We have run ten extras so far and more to come as needed," Metro-North Railroad ‏said via Twitter @MetroNorth on Friday morning.

The cutback in service to a Saturday schedule for Friday is "due to the severe impact of the winter storm on our service territory and projected lower ridership," Metro-North said late Thursday.

Riders complained via Twitter of short trains, crowded conditions and the reduced schedule.

Christine H told of problems at the White Plains station via Twitter @chewitt06. "So many people were stuck on the platform watching full trains go by."

Even people who made it onto trains had complaints.

"Spotted on @MetroNorth this morning: sardines in a can. Or at least that's what it feels like standing here," Matthew Kanterman ‏said via Twitter @theKanterman. He was on the 7:04 a.m. train from Mamaroneck, N.Y., to Grand Central. "And the train is full."

More than a foot of snow fell across Westchester County in the Nor'easter along with a coating of ice. The ice and snow coated trains, rails and overhead catenary wires along the New Haven Line and beyond. 

Customers were advised to anticipate delays and crowded conditions on trains. Off-peak fares will be in effect on Friday.     

Commuters are warned to take care when traveling during wintry weather and to allow for additional travel time. Riders should use caution when entering and exiting trains, and on platforms and staircases due to the icy and snowy conditions.

For train times, check the Metro-North website.

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Comments (4)

still no extra trains posted on the websght: does metro north think we ALL go through GCT to get to the trains???

While I see Metronorths point that the friday before Presidents day USUALLY has lower ridership, today was no ordinary day. Many had to go to work today because we have taken so many other days off. Plus, with schools closed next week, many will be off again. At least Metro North realized their mistake this morning and started adding trains by 8:15 on the New Haven Line. BUT, in the future, if you are going to run a Saturday schedule during the week ( on a non-Holiday), add a few trains between 7-9 AM or make them longer.

This reminds me of what it was like almost EVERY SINGLE DAY when I rode SEPTA. Stranded on the platform for hours with no place to wait indoors (in zero degree weather). And nobody could be bothered to let you know when it might arrive so you can decide if you should call in sick to avoid frostbite. Living further out was a good thing as those nearer the city had to watch train after train pass by because there was no room. The worse the weather, the worse it was....though even in perfect weather it was never on time. And it was ALWAYS a sardine can at rush hour.

Update. I think METRO North is becoming SEPTA. No extra trains whatsoever. Did they think nobody was going to go to work in the new slave economy? Time for the Board of Directors to vote themselves another pay raise.