Metro-North Ordered To Increase Speed Safeguards, Staffing

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Photo Credit: Metro-North

The Federal Railroad Administration ordered Metro-North to modify its signal system Friday to provide more safeguards against speeding in the aftermath of Sunday's derailment in the Bronx that claimed four lives.

The order says Metro-North must increase its existing signal system to provide "adequate advance warning of and adherence to" speed limits.

Until the changes are implemented, two qualified train operators must be present in the cab of trains that go through areas of track where maximum speeds change abruptly, similar to the stretch near Spuyten Duyvil station in the Bronx where the derailment occurred, ordered the FRA, a subsidiary of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The FRA's emergency order appears in this news release.

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Comments (17)


Hopefully now the republicans will stop redirecting the money for modern tech that would have prevented this. They have redirected billions for the tax breaks for big oil.


And the Obama administration wants to create high-speed train network from Maine to California? Thank you, but I'll stick to flying.


This has nothing to do with the Obama administration you right wing nut job.

Broad River:

Don't these engines have governors, throttle restrictors ? That seems to be important, after all one day it will be an engineer that wants to end it all in a horrific crash or is that what they are waiting for before they limit the engines speed.
Advance warning? What's that? Something like a snooze alarm?


Great. Reward these union drones for their deadly performance with a ton of overtime, so that maybe one of them might stay awake long enough to slow down on a curve; or at least wake the other one up to hit the brakes. I think another fare increase might be appropriate.


If the republicans didn't give the money to big oil the MTA would have had modern systems that would have prevented this.


That is not true

jason parraga.5:

m3 driver
actually it is true

Mary Jane Nelson:

I agree

Activist Bill:

If the Democrats really cared about the safety of the people, they would have followed up with the requirement that the MTA install the PTC, with the several hundred million dollars that was given to the MTA a few years ago. NY Senator Charles Schumer has failed the people.


Unfortunately that money was never given to the MTA. It was redirected by the Republicans for tax breaks for big oil.

Activist Bill:

Robby, the money WAS given to the MTA. They've admitted they have it, and have yet to do anything with it. But I suspect they've been using it to pay exorbitant salaries and bonuses to the executives. The criminal actions of the MTA should be punished severely, and the executives and maybe some Union officials should serve time in prison. But nothing further will come of this, because the politicians of both parties are in the pockets of the MTA and others.

gina rose:

I take this train every day to work. It has always irritated me that some of the conductors always seem to find their way up front hanging with the engineer. I have always worried the engineer would be distracted as I would likely be if I had 3 people in the passenger seat of my car. Clearly, there were no conductors in the cabin this time with the engineer and maybe that would have saved some lives. How ironic.


I think they only go up front to talk to the engineer when the passengers become frightened by the snoring coming from his little room.


Closing the barn door after the horse ran out


It should be a requirement for two engineers to be present on every train. If one is feeling drowsy or not feeling well, he can ask the other to take over.


THREE engineers might be better. That way if two of them fell asleep, the third one could wake one of them up to brake before the train flew off the tracks. And the rule should be very strict: absolutely no texting by the remaining engineer if the two other engineers are asleep, hung-over, or texting themselves.