North Salem's David Letterman Pokes Fun At Rye Playland

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David Letterman recently poked fun at Rye Playland while hosting the Late Show.
David Letterman recently poked fun at Rye Playland while hosting the Late Show. Photo Credit: Courtesy of

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- North Salem resident and CBS "Late Show" host David Letterman poked fun at Rye Playland on his show on Thursday, June 12, according to the Westchester County Business Journal. 

Letterman, who was panning U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's primary defeat, said going to work at the "Late Show" was like going to Playland because everything was old and broken down, WCBJ reported. 

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Comments (16)

Whats more Ironic Bruce is that you needed to make a comment yourself. You should pop one of those vitamins yourself.

There's nothing funnier than all these commenters' straight-faced posts taking what a stand-up comic says literally, as if he's a news journalist. It must be a vitamin D deficiency that accounts for the collective shortage of irony.

playland might be old and broken dow but "LETTERMAN IS OLD AND BROKEN DOWN!!!!"

Why is it "news" that Letterman makes a stupid remark on TV? He does that every time he's on. He's always been a jerk and should have been off the air years ago.

I didn't think much of him before...even less now if that is possible.

Letterman is old and broken.

OLD AND BROKEN DOWN…..pretty much describes Letterman

I am totally in agreement with my fellow postee's. I live in N. Salem and posted I was there walking around with a friend last night. The place could be amazing with some love, less squabbling by the politicians and some much needed cash! Pitch in Dave and stop complaining and making jokes about your own county's historic landmark.

Funny, I was just there Sunday night and it was really nice. Not broken down at all. David is too uber important and rich to go to a place like Playland. Too bad, it is tradition.

Letterman? oh he is the guy who got his butt kicked continuously by Jay Leno....

He's just such a toad. I wish he would move far, far away. May I ask why THIS is listed as a "News Alert"??

Not fair to make fun of Playland when he could afford to whisk his kids off to Disneyland whenever he wanted to. Feel like he making fun of a place we love and wish was better. he should help Playland or be quiet about it.

Exactly my point! Shame on him.

Yeah he should give back to the community

Maybe if he GAVE SOME OF HIS WAD to help improve the place, it wouldn't BE "old and broken down!" Take that, Mr. L!!!

Letterman can completely refurbish and restaff Playland with a fraction of what he spends on his socks and shoes!