Police Group Asks Journal News To Take Gun Map Down

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WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. ‒ A Westchester law enforcement organization said it will hold The Journal News responsible for any crimes against its members stemming from publication of the names of gun license-holders in Westchester and Rockland counties

The newspaper put active and retired law enforcement officers and their families in "grave and immediate danger," along with the others on the list, the Affiliated Police Association said in a news release Friday. The group is an umbrella organization for 53 law enforcement groups in the region.

On Dec. 24, The Journal News published an interactive map showing both names and addresses of gun permit-holders in the two counties.

The Affiliated Police Association says it will ask the newspaper to remove the interactive map from its website and stop any efforts to obtain the names of legal gun owners in other counties.

“The Affiliated Police Association is putting The Journal News on notice that we will hold them accountable for any incident where any of our members are involved in an incident where a person, criminal or ex-con presents themselves at the residence of one of our members as a result of their name being made public by The Journal News," Robert Buckley, vice president of the organization, said in the release.

Richard Well, president of the Police Conference of New York, will ask that all county clerks deny requests for such records, which he said is allowable if it would endanger the life and safety of any person, the release said.

"We also urge The Journal News to cease its quest to obtain and publish this information," Well said in the release. "It serves no legitimate purpose and could easily lead to more tragedy.”

The Affiliated Police Association (APA) of Westchester County Inc. said it will hold a news conference Tuesday, Jan. 15, in White Plains to publicly state its position. The new conference will take place at the Westchester County Courthouse, 111 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

  • 29

Comments (29)

UPDATE: Video - Out Today.

Activist’s working with James O’Keefe visit Westchester County journalists to ask they proudly put up signs at THEIR HOMES saying “This Home is Proudly Gun Free.” Watch as the answers to the volunteer’s from “Citizens Against Gun Violence” are scored…


Can't exercise your 1st amendment right if not given the opportunity. Even our governor chooses to silence the people that he works for.
"The vote also would require Cuomo to issue a "message of necessity" that would dispense with the three days of public review that bills are supposed to have under the state constitution."

See NY Newsday re: article about a white plains house that was broken into specifically for the firearms. Nothing in the journal news about it. Sickening.

See NY Newsday re: article about a white plains house that was broken into specifically for the firearms. Nothing in the journal news about it. Sickening.

See NY Newsday re: article about a white plains house that was broken into specifically for the firearms. Nothing in the journal news about it. Sickening.

Like cockroaches in a swirling toilet many newspapers are scratching and clawing to keep from going under. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. In a way this isn't much different than investigative reporting. But in this story the paper hopes to victimize gun owners while creating loss of life and mayhem. In the eyes of gun controllers any gun owner is a criminal and therefore deserves punishment. So it's a win-win. Dead gun owners and more newspapers sold.

Reading some of the liberal rants here says more eloquently than any words I could say about the stark deficit of character, integrity, & intelligence you inbred little critters bring to a conversation! You convey this impression so thoroughly, I can almost hear the dull witted dialect of your whiny little voices echoing in the resonating acoustics of your mommy and daddies cellars as I read your words.

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Don't like the first amendment

But I love the second amendment


They are asking for special treatment, NamVet, how can you not see that? If they were going to go after The Journal News if there was an incident with an citizen on the list, rather than just a member of their association, then and only then would it be considered equal treatment. How can you not see that we all should be treated equally? Similar situation with Putnam County Clerk Dennis Sant. He knowingly broke the law by not allowing public access to the names and addresses of the gun permit holders in Putnam County. Although The Journal News would be once again exercising poor judgement by publishing this information, it is NYS Freedom of Information Law(FOIL), which is protected by the First Amendment, that Clerk Sant things he is above the law to withhold. None of us are above the law. Oh, correction, some of us, if affiliated with the right people are above the law. Wish I could pick and choose which laws to abide by, but I can't, neither should anyone else. If a law needs to be changed for the benefit of the people, follow the legislative process to get it changed.

Cuz cops are so special, above the law and constitution too.

The Journal News also seems to think they are above the law, since you can not use FOIL requests to (a) make a profit or (b) put people in danger.

One more point, the MAP is not of gun owners but of gun permit holders. An individual may have a permit and yet not own a gun.

It seems the second amendment is more important than the first.

Copy and paste the link to hear what "outed" gun owners said on TV last night. http://video.foxnews.com/v/2088656699001/

How does one get on the list of gun owners? A criminal would check the list to see if the target were more likely to have a gun. If the intended target is there, time to pick a new target.

So will they also be holding police accountable for actions taken against reporters when police started posting names and addresses of journal news employees? Because say what you will about the map, you still have to know where someone lives first to see if they have a gun. And if a convict finds out where a cop lives, they would rightly assume the cop had a gun. I think that's the part people seem to be missing. It's not like the map allowed you to put in a name and have an address pop up. You have to click the address to get a name. There are much easier ways to get someones address on the internet. Having police agencies post a picture of a house with a name and address to a bunch of pissed off people is a lot more dangerous. So please keep the same standards for both sides.

Engelesq, i hadn't thought of it that way before, that makes more sense then the other way round

I will say I have mixed feelings about them putting up the map, though it is public information and I don't really see criminals going around and using this map/data all of a sudden to go commit crimes. And you're right, there are plenty of ways to get someone's address. Unfortunately, The Journal News/Lohud.com used a mapping system that DOES allow you to view all the data in a table, sorted, searchable, and downloadable, for anyone who has a little bit of technical knowledge. I figured it out myself in about 15 minutes. Yet they claimed that you cannot view the data that way - they are not familiar with the technology.

Adelard, my question still is, what was the purpose of the map in the first place? Why would anyone need to know who has a permit for a handgun? These horrific events of the past do not have anything to do with legal handguns. They were all illegal handguns and rifles or shotguns. This information that was released does nothing but cause problems for the owner and non owner of guns.

I don't know what the purpose of the map was supposed to be. I did not make it. As for it having nothing to do with recent events, i think a gun is a gun and a life is a life. If you think the second amendment gives you the right to personal ownership of a fire arm, then whatever laws have to do with fire arms are related. But that is beside the point. My point was that what police organizations f did in response to this was a lot more dangerous than the act they seem to be against. If you want to hold people accountable, hold everyone accountable.


Copy and paste the link above to see and hear the Putnam County Officials who stood up to the Journal News and refused to supply them with the list.

Thanks. I had not seen this yet

Disgusting! I think this was not only irresponsible but criminal! It was printed with malicious intent! These people did NOTHING wrong! The obeyed the law and obtained permits. They should be held responsible and perhaps there should be legislation introduced to prevent such actions in the future.

The Journal News should be held accountable from the day the map was posted. This desperation to sell newspapers have made them irresponsible. I don't agree with all actions of the police, but I can understand and appreciate that everyday they are facing people and situations that I don't want to run into. Thanks for all the good work.

Publishing a list of people with guns in effect also publishes a list of people who probably have no guns, meaning everyone not on the list of people with guns. It thus puts those without guns at greater risk. In my opinion that is why the list of people with guns should be taken down and why it never should have been published in the first place.

Livefree, They are stating what they will do if something happens to one of theirs. They can not speak for people who are not members of their organization. Do you think that what the news did was a good idea? Being a police officer should not give them any more rights than a regular citizen, I agree. But publishing the names of these men and women has no reason behind it. What does it matter if they have a registered handgun? They earned the right to have it, though there is no need to earn the right. We all have the right to own guns. I ask again, what is gained by publishing these names? Why not publish the names of people who have been convicted of using guns in a criminal act?

It is not a matter of law enforcement having more rights than any other citizen. Law enforcement is at greater risk of retaliation from skells who have been arrested. When was the last time you took a guy's freedom for gang-banging, robbery, murder, etc.? Skells have a long time to stew about who put them in their jail cell. They didn't get there because they were upstanding citizens and wanted to help their fellow man.

This is an excellent example of how government agencies, namely the police, in this instance, seem to feel that they have more rights than the rest of the citizens.The Affiliated Police Association has threatened to hold The Journal News responsible if there in an incident with ONE OF THEIR MEMBERS. Not if there is an incident with a citizen that isn't associated with a police agency, just if there is an incident with one of their members. This mindset is just wrong. We all have the same rights. Being a police officer shouldn't and doesn't give you any special treatment than an ordinary citizen. Mr. Robert C. Caralyus, president of the APA, please explain the justification.

They are not asking for special treatment livefree. As members of law enforcement they and their families are now put at more risk than the rest of us because any criminal that they have arrested can easily find where they live and go after them for revenge. How can you not see that?

Have you ever heard of "whitepages.com"? If you think that someone's address wasn't already easily available you're wrong.