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Members of the New York State Assembly are expected to vote Tuesday on new gun regulations backed by the governor and already passed by the Senate.
Members of the New York State Assembly are expected to vote Tuesday on new gun regulations backed by the governor and already passed by the Senate. Photo Credit: Stock photo

ALBANY, N.Y. – Members of the New York State Assembly are expected to pass a gun control bill Tuesday backed by the governor and already approved by the Senate.


What do you think of the gun control legislation expected to be passed by New York lawmakers Tuesday?

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What do you think of the gun control legislation expected to be passed by New York lawmakers Tuesday?

  • It's a step in the right direction.

  • This legislation doesn't go far enough.

  • This legislation is unnecessary, New York state already has strict enough gun laws.

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The bill, widely expected to pass the Democratic-led Assembly on Tuesday, would make New York the first state to act in response to the school shooting that killed 26 people in Newtown, Conn.

The bill expands New York's assault weapons law to include semiautomatic pistols, rifles and shotguns with detachable magazines and one of several military-style features. New Yorkers who already own weapons banned under the expanded measure would be allowed to keep them but would have to register them with the state.

According to the text of the law, mental health practitioners would be required to report to local mental health officials when they believe a patient is likely to harm themselves or others. Law enforcement officers would then be authorized to confiscate that person's firearms. According to The New York Times, therapists would not be sanctioned for a failure to report such patients if they acted “in good faith.”

The legislature's website said the Assembly vote was scheduled to take place around 11 a.m.

Attached: Secure Firearms and Ammunition Enforcement Act (SAFE) (ny_firearms_and_ammunition_act-s2230-2013-01-15.pdf)

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Comments (22)

The NRA says that its purpose is to protect the second amendment rights of American citizens, and that it has no ties to the gun industry. However, a recent comprehensive Huffington Post piece by Peter Dreier questions that with some pretty compelling data. The article indicated that the NRA’s interest has always favored the gun industry over its rank-and-file contributing members. Read more here

1) Greg Ball has removed any doubt that he is a mere opportunist seeking any way possible to get on national television. ------------- Mr. Ball has managed to not retain any lessons from 4 years of undergraduate study with the Jesuits. From the parable of the sower --- Mr. Ball would appear to be with those seeds landing amid the rock, the thorns, and the path.

2) Nancy Lanza had a Bushmaster, a Sig Sauer , and a Glock, in proximity of a individual who was "troubled".

Have not yet heard a word from Mr. Ball on how keeping all these weapons within grasp of an unstable individual ---- will keep me , or my friends in Fairfield County, or Westchester County --- "safer".

3) Perhaps Mr. Ball can explain why we are better off when two first responders in Webster can be slaughtered by an AR 15.

4) Eager to learn how much Remington Arms has contributed to Mr. Balls campaign.

In Pound Ridge Elementary School, (in Mrs. Costello’s class – 3rd classroom on left from front), at times some of the boys had 22 long, bolt-action rifles. 3 or 4 of them were brought to class and simply leaned against the wall. Usually the rifle classes were on Saturday at a range in South Salem but at those times it had to be on Friday the rifles were taken on the school bus along with books and lunch. The boys were not training on rifles for hunting. The training was to kill people. This was the Beavers. The patch was a beaver on a parachute. We were trained to kill the commies who might invade. This was the 1954-1955 school year. The school had no problem with this.

Hearing about Sandy Hook I thought I would check the paper in my old home town. The only thing close to a Pound Ridge paper in the 50s & 60s was a mimeographed ‘FYI’ mailed out four times a year by the outgunned Pound Ridge Democrats. It was independent and with that carried some weight. A video showing that both the authorities and the media have been lying about Sandy Hook has suddenly gone viral on Facebook, 9,977,456 early this morning, most likely way over 10 million now. Those who ‘like’ it are 5 to one over the dislikes. Why do the media still lie?

What about local media? I check Pound Ridge. The Daily Voice is part of a conglomerate covering 3 states with 52 towns covered. Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/verify_controversy?next_url=/watch%3Fv%3DWx9GxXYKx_8%26bpctr%3D1358395454
Insist your quasi-local paper, this one, honestly cover what occurred almost next door or tell every advertiser to pull their contracts. Here is the email:
Email feedback@dailyvoice.com
Even that doesn’t look local. You even have a police department. I find this odd as the population has changed little. 50s and 60s Bill Shelling who delivered groceries by truck was the police. That cost $100 per year and a uniform for Memorial Day. Can you even talk to your police chief? Email: dryan@townofpoundridge.com
I will send a copy of this to the emails above and post this entire thing on an international site.

This new law is a result of people living in fear trying to regulate something they don't understand. Because so many don't own guns and are afraid of them they would feel safer if no one had guns and feel "tougher" laws will prevent bad people who want to do bad things from getting guns. They are wrong and do not have the capacity to understand otherwise. In fear of what they don't understand they attack others who do not believe as they do as "stupid". They do not understand unintended consequences. In 1938 Germany made it illegal for Jews to own guns. 6 million were later murdered. Those are the stakes of 2nd amendment rights but it is difficult for some to imagine the evil of places like 1938 Germany in our country today. The people who support these gun laws reject that we should fear our government or more important our government should fear it's people if they go rouge. The cities of this country are forcing all to live as dependant on government and the services they provide. An AR is not a military weapon. This is well known to any that have handled them. Looks are deceiving. Laws on clips are also ridiculous to any that have replaced one clip for another that takes a second. People can do evil and kill lots without guns with a car or with fire. Criminals fear victims with guns. Evidence supports over 2M Americans protect themselves each year and that is threatened by these anti gun efforts. These fearful anti gun forces ignore facts that show gun bans lead to increased violent crime and safe zones become soft targets opportunities. Our president protects his girls at school with 9 armed guards. Michael Moore's armed bodyguard was detained at an airport trying to get on a plane. The different standards being applied are difficult to comprehend. I suspect these efforts are well intentioned but they are wrong on so many logical levels it is easy to understand why so many are angry by the efforts of their neighbors to accomplish nothing but take their constitutional rights away.

One of the many reasons I left NY at 18 joined the Air Force and never looked back

This is a typical political, feel good, worse than waste of time. Its worse than a waste because it infringes on law abiding citizens Constitutional rights and does nothing to address the real problem of over medicating people with known hazardous psychotropics with high percentages of psychotic reactions. These type of drugs have been a part of nearly all the mass shootings in the past 50 years. If we didn't have so many political cowards in office, there would have been an investigation into the careless improperly monitored use of these drugs. We are speaking of Billions in profit for big PHARMA and with their coffers "our" representatives shrink from the proper course. Read the book, "The truth about the drug companies" by Marcia Angell.

1 box of rounds will be enough to commit mass murder.. but that person will not have been flagged. Waste of time. Politicians screaming to their liberal sheep constituents.

All this legislation was turned out to be a knee-jerk reaction to the sad and tragic events in Newton. Let's get to the real problem of mental illness or other disabilities where individuals should not have access to guns.
Unfortunately today if any of us want to even suggest that a person or neighbor might be unsuitable for guns or need any therapy, we risk being sued just for speaking out. Something is wrong with this picture.

I think the goveernment official making these laws are out of touch with the real problem. Do they really think that the criminals that commit these crimes will care one bit? they just made it harder for honest law abiding citizens to protect themselvse from those willing to break the laws.

Kellyl you make an excellent point. People are going to run red lights and drive drunk regardless of the laws , so we might as well not attempt to regulate automobile use either.

I agree with firefighter350. This law was rushed with little debate or consideration by the citizens of this state. I thought this Governor wanted to do away with the behind-closed-doors tactics of past state governments, yet here we are with a sweeping set of amendments to the current laws that were rushed through without public comment. There are many of who have military surplus weapons that were purchased directly from the Dept. of Defense through the Civilian Marksmanship Program for the purpose of service rifle competition. Now all of these weapons are illegal and those that own them will be criminals unless they register them with the state police. The Governor couldn't afford a confiscation program for many reasons, especially with the possibility of having to authorize house to house searches for contraband weapons. It would sound to much like the creation of a police state. This way, the state has a means to begin a confiscation program, as the more law-abiding owners will comply. This kind of government is exactly the sort of thing that the Second Amendment was intended to prevent. There are too many individuals and organizations from the Governor's office to the media who are thinking with their hormones and emotions rather than their brains. Yes, Newtown was a horrific tragedy and I would be the first to admit that there are too many assault weapons out there. We could debate the origin of the fascination with post Vietnam Era weaponry, but it wouldn't change the fact that it exists. Thanks to the entertainment industry and the video game manufacturers there is an obsession with "tactical" weapons in this country that is frankly disturbing. We all need to step back and think about what we are doing to each other in our grief over those children. Every day this country gets further and further away from itself.

A good step forward.

the killing of the Webster NY first responders ,, is horrific , and gets barely a mention.

While I agree that some tightening of our gun laws was necessary, I think Cuomo rushed legislation without considering the consequences to individuals who LEGALLY purchased and own firearms with magazine capacities that exceed the new 7 round limit. For over 10 years 10 round magazines where legal to purchase, own and use in New york. Prior to the Gun control act of 1994 there were no limits and these guns with their higher capacity magazines were "grandfathered". This morning all those who legally purchased these firearms are now faced with owning firearms that are suddenly deemed illegal. Many pistols with ten round magazines or more (again which were legally purchased) have no source to obtain 7 round magazines as they were never produced! So what....with the stroke of a pen we are suddenly criminals? This is what happens when our law makers rush to pass a law without considering the legal law abiding citizens.

But every year...they can't seem to agree on a budget on time..imagine that.? Politicians playing on the fears and heartbreak of people to push their own agenda, what a surprise.

I suppose if nanny Bloomberg can dictate what size soda you can buy, this should be no surprise.

And the next step will be no surprise either.

When this set of laws doesn't work , then what? 2 round magazine... ??

But every year...they can't seem to agree on a budget on time..imagine that.? Politicians playing on the fears and heartbreak of people to push their own agenda, what a surprise.

I suppose if nanny Bloomberg can dictate what size soda you can buy, this should be no surprise.

And the next step will be no surprise either.

This law doesn't make us safer. Criminals do not obey the law. NYC already has one of the toughest handgun laws in the country and it does nothing to prevent criminals from obtaining them. I'm sure that the legislators in Albany are congratulating themselves and the Governor will use this law to promote his presidential aspirations but it would not have stopped any ot the killings. Doing thorough background checks and monitoring the mentally ill to keep guns (any kind) out of their hands was all we really needed.

NY is again at the forefront of reason. This needs to be the law in all 50 States for it to have better effectiveness. Very good move.

The intent is great, the reality is not. It was rushed so fast and was not thought through to the point where it makes police officer criminals. Your opinion was formed as quickly as this legislation.

Without details how can one answer the questions posed by this publication.

What implementation regulations will be issued to enforce this new law ?

What exists already and what is this new law fixing ?

How many gun laws exist already in New York and the United States, have they been effective in dealing with the daily shootings around the state or nation ?

How well reasoned is it, was it viewed it through the prism of unintended consequences ?

Or is this just another feel good document that some will use to bolster their personal political aims ?

Indeed,it's a bad news for many enthusiasts.

I actively participate in target shooting at a range not 10 minutes away from ossining. With weekly visits I go through 1k+ rounds of .22lr target ammunition a month. Under the new law, with near certainty, my bi monthly purchases will be flagged and reported to the police. It's odd, depending on how the ammo purchases are sorted, my legal participation in something I enjoy doing may actually prevent me from legally participating.