Scarsdale Residents Lose Water Due To Second Main Break

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A second water main broke Wednesday near Rural Drive in Scarsdale. Photo Credit: Google Maps

SCARSDALE, N.Y. – After the village shut off water service to repair a broken main Wednesday morning on Rural Drive, a second break required another shutdown near Harvest Drive.

John Goodwin in the village manager’s office said residents in the area may experience low pressure or discolored water until about 10 p.m. Wednesday while workers fix the second break at Harvest and Rural drives.

Water Department crews fixed the initial break about noon, after the water was cut off for two hours. After the second main is repaired, residents are advised to run cold water for a minute or two to ensure it becomes clear.

Goodwin said that those affected should use a sink near where the water line enters the house to check the water. Residents should continue checking every hour until it clears.

Residents were are in no danger from the water, which is disinfected and can be consumed; however, it should not be used to wash clothes, as it may cause stains.

For more information, call the Water Department at 914-722-1138.

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