Several Charged In Westchester Luxury Car Theft Ring

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18 suspects were charged in connection with a luxury car theft ring on Wednesday, Dec. 11. Photo Credit: NYPD

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- New York City authorities have charged 18 people believed to have been involved in a group that stole luxury vehicles from several car dealerships, including in Westchester County. 

The charges were announced by Queens District Attorney Richard Brown on Wednesday, Dec. 11. The suspects allegedly stole 48 luxury vehicles valued at $2.4 million.

The charges came after an 18-month investigation that involved court-authorized wiretaps, traditional surveillance and other investigative techniques, officials said.

"The ring of thieves arrested in this case treated driveways, dealerships, parking lots and other locations like their personal showrooms, used GPS to track luxury vehicles and then burglarized businesses and unlocked vehicles for keys to drive their selections away," NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said in a statement. "Detectives in the NYPD’s Auto Crime Division stopped their fast and furious forgeries, connected the dots between Queens, the Bronx and other jurisdictions, and brought these car thieves’ operation to a screeching halt."

The suspects have been charged with enterprise corruption, grand larceny, forgery and several other charges. 

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Book them all in for 25 Years..No early release, TV or hot meals!!! Educate them...about "Thou shalt not steal" other peoples earned property...