Scarsdale Salt Supplies Running Low On Eve Of Nor'easter

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Hasting-On-Hudson has made a significant dent in its salt supply.
Hasting-On-Hudson has made a significant dent in its salt supply. Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- With another winter storm on the way for Thursday, dwindling salt supplies have some areas breaking a sweat.

A Nor'easter is expected to drop a total of 10 to 14 inches of snow Thursday across all of Westchester County after the National Weather Service increased its forecast snow totals late Wednesday afternoon. 

The village board of Rye Brook transferred $40,000 on Tuesday night to buy more salt. The village had originally budgeted $85,000 for salt this year, but used it up, and had to use the $40,000 from its contingency fund to cover this coming storm and any more storms they might get this winter.

The town of Greenburgh's total amount spent on salt this winter will be approximately $518,090.

"We haven't run out of salt, but the costs associated with the salt purchases is eating into our budget," Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner said.

According to Feiner, the town spent hundreds of thousands of dollars more on salt purchases this year than last year.

"I feel strongly that New York state should use their budget surplus to provide help to every locality in New York," he said. "We're all experiencing the same problems."

Scarsdale Superintendent of Public Works Benedict Salanitro said this type of winter, with repetitive events on a weekly basis, has exhausted Scarsdale's normal annual usage of salt.

Salanitro said for this season, they estimated they would need 3,800 tons of salt. According to NYS law, the state Office of General Services should deliver 150-percent of these estimates, which equates to 5,700 tons.

"We have 510 tons in stock and 755 remaining on order to be delivered. Depending on how the rest of the season runs, we could be running short on salt supplies," he said.

According to a report by WABC, the City of Yonkers is close to if not already teetering over its $800,000 salt budget.

Conversely, as of Friday, village manager of Ardsley George Calvi felt confident about the village's salt supply.

"Ardsley handles its own winter stock which we store in a shed on Elm Street near the Village's DPW garage.  I spoke to our DPW Foreman this morning and he advises we have plenty," he said.

Casey Donahue, Zak Failla and Danny LoPriore contributed to this report.


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MARSHALL LAW? A contractor in dire need.....As you are aware, the New York Metropolitan region, as well as many other states, have been exposed to an above average amount of winter storms, weather systems and snow accumulation this winter. As a result, there has been a severe shortage of all materials used for snow and ice management. We recently learned that The State of New York as well as some other neighboring states, have commandeered the distribution of rock salt which is a critical resource used for purposes of managing ice conditions. They are currently controlling the distribution of it only to state and municipal authorities. Our suppliers have been told by their states that they are no longer allowed to sell/distribute rock salt to private contractors until further notice.
We will be unable to purchase rock salt in the typical fashion from our suppliers until this ban has been lifted. They are not fulfilling orders and all of our orders have been canceled. We have been told this is the case for the rest of the winter.
Keep in mind it is the private sector that services Hospital, Medial facilities, supermarkets, shopping centers and the local Mom and Pop establishments.

HEY Whats going on Cuomo?, we need help too.