Video Of Hutchinson River Parkway Car Crash, Fire Released

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WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. – Police have released security camera footage of the car that sped into a Mobil Gas Station on the Hutchinson River Parkway and crashed into another car, causing a fire and six injuries.

The video, provided by the Westchester County Department of Public Safety, shows the driver, 69-year-old Joseph Bucci, crash into a car that had just stopped next to the rear right pump on the southbound side of the highway gas station, and the gas pump itself.

On the other side of that pump is New York State Investigator John Vescio, who gets hit by the gas pump as it topples over onto his car from the impact of Bucci’s car. The gas pump erupts in flames immediately and Vescio quickly gets out of the way. He then runs back to pull Bucci, who was having a diabetic emergency, out of his car.

The video shows the fire grow, spreading from the gas pump to both Bucci and Vescio’s cars.

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Comments (6)

I don't blame other motorists for fleeing. I'm not a firefighter or first-responder and I would've feared a potential and imminent explosion and fireball. I care about my fellow man but my family can't afford to lose me!

State Police Investigator John Vescio truly is a hero. He risked his life to save the motorist. God Bless him and all the other first-responders out there like him!

Glad we still have a few heroes right here on our streets in plain clothes....I dont know you but I admire your courage, Mr.Vescio!!!! he should be invited to the next State of The Union Address!!!

Looks like the gentleman in the suit ran over to help the officer too -- may have not seen him until after the officer had pulled the driver out...but appears that he was trying to help as well.

Yes very good response by State Police Investigator John Vescio. While everyone else runs away he took action to get the disabled driver out of his burning vehicle. He undoubtedly saved the man's life.

I'm surprised that, unlike in the earlier incident, the pump area's fire suppression system doesn't seem to activate.

Yes, an unselfish hero. We need more of those these days. What a wonderful man to risk his life for another like that. God bless you!

Mr.Vescio is a true hero.