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Letter: We Need More Loyalty From Officials

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To the Editor,

SCARSDALE, N.Y. — After reading the results of the recently completed election for NYS Senate seats, I've come to the conclusion "you can't tell the players even with a scorecard."

Simcha Felder, a Brooklyn candidate for a seat in the Senate, ran as a Democrat, yet, immediately after winning, announced he would vote with the Republicans. There's only one way to look at that. He intentionally deceived the voters in his district. He "advertised" one "product" and delivered something extremely different. I'm fairly certain there is no law he broke, only a breach of ethics, which, unfortunately, can only be remedied in two years.

Another, less odious, "gang of four" Democrats led by Bronx Senator Jeff Klein are bargaining with their party as well as the Republicans to see which offers more.

There must be a word for that, but I can't use it.

Ed Krauss