Westchester Letter: Cuomo Must Not Cut Mass Transit Funds

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To the editor:

Tell Governor Cuomo and the Legislature NOT to divert funds that were meant for mass transit.

Train delays? Signal failures? Overcrowding? These commuter nightmares have become the new normal because New York State doesn't give our transit system the support it needs.

Instead of coming to commuters' rescue, Albany now plans to divert dedicated transit funds to plug holes in the state budget.

Governor Cuomo's plan would cut $40 million that currently pays for the operations, service and maintenance of the transit system. Many people blame the Metropolitan Transportation Authority  for the quality of their commute -- but Albany holds the MTA's purse strings.

New York's transit riders have already endured a series of painful fare hikes and service cuts. Stand with NYLCV and tell Albany that enough is enough.

Governor Cuomo is planning to divert these funds not just in 2014, but in 2015, 2016 and beyond. In total, nearly $350 million could be siphoned away from transit. That means today's commute could be considerably worse tomorrow.

If enough New Yorkers take action right now, we can send a message to our state leaders that transit dollars must be spent on transit needs.

Urge our state leaders to reverse Governor Cuomo's proposed diversion of transit dollars and stop it from happening again.

Thank you,

Marcia Bystryn, President
New York League of Conservation Voters

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Comments (1)

Francis T McVetty:

I think that Marcia Bystryn is looking at the wrong person to blame for the problems. It is the MTA that is to blame. Just what are they doing with the taxes they are extracting from us. It seems that the MTA answers to NO ONE especially the taxpayers. I would suggest that Marcia start a campaign to hold the MTA accountable for the service or non-service that is being provided.
I also think that the people that use their own vehicles to commute should NOT be taxed to subsidize those who ride the rails or buses. Do you think it is fair for them to pay for someone to ride a bus or train?

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