2-Year-Old Boy Found Dead Following Elmsford House Fire

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The search continued Sunday for any victims who may gave been living in a home in Elmsford where a fire broke our Saturday. Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore
Investigators search for possible victims in Elmsford following a fire Saturday night. Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore


ELMSFORD, N.Y.  -- The 2-year-old boy who was unaccounted for after an overnight fire destroyed an Elmsford home was found dead Sunday afternoon.

Officials located the boy, who was from Barbados, in the attic at about 12:30 p.m. at the home on 107 Sears Avenue.


ELMSFORD, N.Y.  -- Elmsford and Greenburgh police and fire personnel are investigating the scene of a fire on Sears Avenue in Elmsford Sunday on a report of an unaccounted for young child who may have been in the home.

Four people were injured overnight after the fast-moving fire destroyed the roof and top floor of an Elmsford home located a few blocks from busy Route 9A.

Sears Avenue was cordoned off by yellow police tape and several emergency vehicles and fire trucks filled the street on front of the home.

Investigators rummaged through the top floor of the building into the noon hour Sunday, tossing burned materials and searching for any victims.

Neighbors said they believed there were several people inside the home when the fire started, including a baby who was said to be on one of the upper floors. Elmsford Police said that they were still investigating.

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Comments (4)

media watcher:

As sad as it gets; RIP and my Prayers to the family.


Very very sad. My thoughts and prayers for the family of this lost child. Lets not forget the toll these types of losses take on our first responders. These fine young men and women rush to the scene in hopes of saving lives and property. It is devastating to them when something like this happens. I hope those who may have a need will receive counseling to help them deal with this tragedy. Events such as these always leave scars....sometimes on the people you would expect the least! You are all in my thoughts and prayers.....


My thoughts and prayers to the family. And *high five* to the quick response of all the emergency personell!! Without them, many more lives may have been lost. Still, such a tragedy to lose someone so young. May your family find peace and comfort at this difficult time.


Such a young life taken...rest in peace little one

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