Home Of Vacationing Scarsdale Residents Burglarized

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Scarsdale police found three sets of footprints, indicating that two may belong to lookouts; the third to whomever committed the offense. Photo Credit: File

SCARSDALE, N.Y. – An Oak Lane home was broken into while the owners were away on vacation and the bedroom was ransacked, Scarsdale police said.

The housekeeper reported the burglary Saturday after checking on the residence, police said. The owners, who went away Dec. 28, were not due home until late Saturday, so police did not know what was taken.

The housekeeper told police the home's two rear doors had been tampered with. The suspects used a crowbar to try to gain entry, and after failing, kicked or shouldered the door, police said. They said a deadbolt lock from one of the doors was found several feet into the entranceway.

The alarm system was not set, according to the housekeeper, but she told officers all the doors were secured before she last left the property on Wednesday.

Officers found three sets of footprints that did not appear to be fresh. Two sets went along the bush line to the corners of the property, indicating they may have been left by lookouts. The third set went to the point of entry in the house.

Also from the Scarsdale Police blotter:

• On Friday, a Madison Road resident alerted police that his basement window had been broken. The window was last seen intact at 9 p.m. on Dec. 29 and was discovered to be shattered at 2:30 on Thursday. Police said that the residence was not entered. The interior lock of the window was still locked, and a plastic bar that runs through the middle remained in place. There were numerous items stacked under the window that would have fallen if someone had attempted to enter the basement.

• Police were called to the scene of an accident Sunday afternoon after a car bumped into a bicyclist crossing Popham Road. While waiting for officers to respond, the cyclist said both he and his bicycle were fine and he didn’t want to wait. The driver of the car told officers he didn’t want to make a police report since there was no damage to his vehicle or to any party involved.

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