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Nearly $5K Fraudulently Charged To Scarsdale Resident

A Scarsdale resident reported his identity stolen last week.
A Scarsdale resident reported his identity stolen last week. Photo Credit: File

SCARSDALE, N.Y. – A Scarsdale resident alerted the authorities Friday that nearly $5,000 was fraudulently charged to his account, according to a police report.

Three credit card accounts were opened in the Fox Meadow Road resident’s name Jan. 18-19 in a mall in New Jersey. Cards were opened at The Gap, J. Crew and Bloomingdales.

According to police, a copy of the credit report has been requested to search for any more fraudulent activity. The amounts charged to the accounts were $3,000 at The Gap and $900 to each of the other two locations. Each of the cards has been closed.

Also on the Scarsdale police blotter from Feb. 11-18:

Nearly $800 fraudulently was charged to the account of a Post Road resident, police learned Sunday. The resident was contacted by Expedia about a charge of $659 and when he subsequently contacted Chase Bank, he discovered a suspect had reported the complainant’s credit card stolen, and had a new one sent to Minnesota. In total, $800 was charged with the new credit card, which has since been canceled.