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Scarsdale Police: Beware Con Edison Imposters

Scarsdale Police are warning against stealing from Con Edison sites.
Scarsdale Police are warning against stealing from Con Edison sites. Photo Credit: File

SCARSDALE, N.Y. – In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, suspects around Westchester County have taken advantage of Con Edison work sites, stealing wiring and scrap metal. The Scarsdale Police have asked that any residents that spot suspicious activity alert them immediately to avoid scams.

There have been reports of Con Edison imposters attempting to swindle customers. If a resident is suspicious, they he or she should ask to see an identification badge to verify that the worker is, in fact, from Con Ed.

According to Scarsdale Police Lt. Thomas Altizio, Con Edison has reported incidents of people stealing electrical wire for scrap metal value. Thieves have been cutting and stealing downed power lines and taking new wire spools left at outage sites that will be used for repairs.

“There have been no reports of thefts in Scarsdale, but in Con Ed’s service area,” Altizio said. “We are just asking residents to report any suspicious activity around downed or stored wire.”

Con Edison is prepared to prosecute anyone who steals equipment, and has asked that residents alert the police to any suspicious persons or activity around sites. All legitimate Con Edison employees will have employee identification cards.