Scarsdale Police Forced To Use Backup Telephone System

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Drake Road is just one of many Scarsdale roads that are still plagued by fallen trees and wires. Photo Credit: Contributed

SCARSDALE, N.Y. – As Scarsdale continues to recover from Hurricane Sandy, the police department is utilizing extra officers to deal with storm related issues, emergency calls and routine service calls.

Scarsdale Police Lt. Thomas Altizio said the department’s primary telephone system has been disabled by the storm, forcing it to utilize the backup system, which is limited to five lines. Two-way radio systems for police, fire and public works employees are still functional, and there is full communication between personnel in the field.

“The police department’s operations are designed with several levels of redundancy for power, communications and vehicles,” Altizio said. “Although the police department has resorted to some backup systems, we continue to remain fully functional, responding to all calls for service.”

Altizio said the department’s greatest concern is the safety of residents, motorists and pedestrians traveling through the village. Dozens of trees are still down, with countless power lines tangled within them that may still be live.

More than 4,400 Con Edison customers remain without power in Scarsdale. Residents are advised to only travel out of necessity and to exercise extra caution to avoid downed trees and wires.

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