Smell Of Smoke Prompts Call To Scarsdale Firefighters

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Scarsdale firefighters extinguished smoldering coals in a grill Friday. Photo Credit: File

SCARSDALE, N.Y. – The smell of smoke spread through a business on Christie Place on Friday in Scarsdale, forcing firefighters to ventilate the area.

Also on the Scarsdale fire log from Dec. 3 though Dec. 10:

  • Fire personnel responded to a report of a downed wire on Sunday night after a resident on Brookby Road alerted them of the situation. Upon arrival, a primary wire was found arcing on a tree. Con Edison was notified.

  • A residence on Oxford Road had a burning odor in multiple second story rooms on Thursday. During their investigation, firefighters found that air filter in a heating unit had not been changed in awhile, became clogged, was sucked against the motor and caught fire. The filter burned and self extinguished, damaging wiring, the motor and other parts. Fire personnel shut down power to the unit and advised the homeowner to have the unit repaired or replaced.
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