Woman Killed By Police In DC Was Reportedly A Stamford Dental Hygienist

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The Stamford Police Department's Special Operations vehicle is on the scene of the investigation into the high-speed car chase and shooting near the Capitol. Photo Credit: Casey Donahue
Stamford police block the roads near Scalzi Park on Thursday evening. Photo Credit: Casey Donahue
Stamford police cars converge on an apartment complex near Scalzi Park where the suspect in the Capitol car chase and shooting reportedly lived. Photo Credit: Contributed by Anthony Buzzeo

Update 10 p.m.: STAMFORD, Conn. -- Stamford police were still waiting for a warrant late Thursday to search the home of the woman who was shot and killed by police in Washington, D.C., after a wild chase, police said. 

The FBI had not received a warrant yet to search the woman's apartment, according to Jon Fontneau of the Stamford Police Department. The FBI is in charge of the investigation with help from the Stamford police and the Secret Service. The Department of Environmental Protection was also on the scene.

Dozens of evacuated residents of Woodside Green were told that may not be able to get back into their apartments Thursday night, police said. Officials said that they would not be letting any residents in until they determined that the building was safe. Red Cross officials were on the scene, and a shuttle was expected to take them to a temporary shelter at a school, police said. 

None of the neighbors seemed to know the suspect, Miriam Carey, 34. They expressed frustration about waiting outside for hours and not being allowed to return to their homes. 

Bridge Street remained closed between Washington Boulevard and Summer Street because of the police investigation. 

Original story: STAMFORD, Conn. -- Officials Thursday evening were swarming the Stamford home of the woman who led officers on an 80 mph chase between the White House and the Capitol and who was shot to death by police, said police.  

NBC News identified the woman as Miriam Carey, and television footage showed the bomb squad surrounding a building at 114 Woodside Green in Stamford.  

The building, across from Scalzi Park near downtown, was surrounded by police cars and the bomb squad late Wednesday, and residents were evacuated. A Google search of Carey's name and the address revealed that she is a registered dental hygienist. She had a history of mental issues, NBC News said.  

Media outlets reported earlier that a car involved in the high-speed chase in D.C. -- a black Infinity with Connecticut plates 323-YNS -- was owned by a Connecticut resident who was born in 1979. 

The woman - who had a year-old child in the car with her - was shot to death by police after the high-speed chase and many police attempts to stop her, police said in a news briefing in Washington, D.C. The motive behind her actions was not known, police said. 

"This appears to be an isolated incident," said Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine. "There is no nexus to terrorism."

The police said the incident began unfolding at about 2:30 p.m. when the woman was stopped by officers. She took off and officers shot at her car, but she continued to flee, police said. She hit a security barrier near the White House and was pursued by Secret Service officers, police said in the televised press briefing. 

The woman drove about 80 mph for the 1.5-mile drive to the Capitol and was stopped at the foot of Capitol Hill, but she sped away again and officers opened fire again, police said. 

Her car crashed near one of the Senate office buildings, where officers fatally shot her and rescued the 1-year-old in her car unharmed, police said. 

The U.S. Capitol, where representative and senators were debating the government shutdown, was locked down during the incident.

A police spokesman called the incident "isolated," during a press conference in Washington, D.C. "We are not talking about the suspect at this point," he said. He confirmed the suspect was dead and that a 1-year-old child who was in the car was safe.

"This does not appear to be an accident," a police spokeswoman said. "This was deliberate."

All members of the Connecticut delegation tweeted that they were safe after the shooting and the subsequent lockdown at the Capitol on Thursday.

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Comments (35)

H. Pierce:

Let's wait for the results of the investigation before we start to second guess and judge. On its face, it could appear that the woman was not a threat, but also driving a speeding car through or towards barriers at the Whitehouse will be considered a threat in today's times.

Activist Bill:

The woman posed no threat whatsoever to the President or any other government official, and only a minimal threat to the local (DC) police. Yet they shot her to death in front of her child.


Activist Bill
Running cops over with a 3000 pound weapon is a bit more than a minimal threat threat. She was In DC to get the President. She was a right winger.


So sad we are becoming such a police state, we have to shoot her down. She was crazy, and had no weapons.


Well maybe if they had your crystal ball they would have known that.


Would you be so understanding if this individual were not a right winger?

Activist Bill:

The woman who was unjustifiably gunned down in DC, was not a "right winger". She was a strong supporter of Obama.


How is it unjustified, please explain.

Activist Bill:

The killing of the woman is unjustified because she was not armed and posed no threat.


No Billy she hated Obama and was a right winger.

Activist Bill:

No Robby, she did not hate Obama. She voted for him twice, according to her family. She was a registered Democrat in Connecticut.


Activist Bill

Please provide verifiable proof for your false claims.
Thank You
I bet we never see it as you made it up.

Activist Bill:

It's on Media Matters website and CNN reported it several times. You're covering up your racist views by falsely saying she was a right winger out to get Obama.


Hello Hidden Identities --

Thanks for your comment. We love Katherine Pacchiana too. She left DV for personal reasons. We'd be delighted to welcome her back.

We also love Mike Nocella. You will too.

Your questions are important ones. Is this grim sad story about a neighbor who lives several towns from you "local news"? Is your definition of a neighbor only someone who lives within the boundaries of North Salem?

We are "your neighbor who brings you the news." That's why we exist. We define news as any information neighbors might share with one another. I'm betting folks in North Salem will be talking about this episode tomorrow -- and will be remarking that the poor woman lived only a few miles away, imagine that! Of course, we can count how many people will click on this article. A high click count will mean our news judgment was right. A low click count will mean it was wrong. Our readers tell us what they want to read by clicking. We do our best to listen.

Re: reporting. We share with our neighbors anything we think they might want to know, whether or not we gathered the news ourselves. We're a small outfit -- if all you read on our pages were articles we'd originated, the fare would be meager and no one would visit. We troll the Web ceaselessly to find information that might interest our neighbors in the 41 communities we serve. Numbers suggest they appreciate the mix that we're offering. After three years, in a brand new medium, Daily Voice is the largest news source in Westchester and Fairfield counties. Almost half a million neighbors come to visit us each month -- out of a population of 1.5 million. And we grow every week.

I am not telling you we're doing a fabulous job. We're not yet. We're still young and growing and feeling our way. What I can tell you is that we're getting better all the time -- based on the numbers -- and we're not satisfied -- and we keep striving. My fondest hope is that, in time, the community will collaborate with us in producing more local news. You, for example. You write well. You have ideas. Why not create some stories about your neighbors to share with your neighbors? My email is ctucker@dailyvoice.com. Drop me a line. Let's work together to make the best community news site anywhere.

Thanks for your interest. And if you see Katherine, tell her I said hi.




When your subject line is "NEWS ALERT: Woman Killed By Police In..." (yes, that was the complete subject), everyone is going to open it and your click count will be meaningless (unless you want to use bogus numbers). I had to open the email to see that it was Stamford.

I got my "New Today in Yorktown" email this morning with all of the day's news. Guess what? This article wasn't even listed!!! To me, that means that it is NOT what your site considers to be local news (I don't think it was even showing on my town's home page, and it shouldn't). The only problem here is the program that's sending news alert emails out. Fix it.

Hidden Identities:


My point, for me the Daily Voice is becoming more of a regional news source as did many other local print news outlets as they were gobbled up and became parts of larger groups without local "skin in the game" while maintaining a local name. I suspect at least in the North Salem edition this is because you lost a local reporter who has not been replaced.

As suspected, this story is being covered completely on NPR this morning so needing The Daily Voice to send me the press release is not an effective use of resources.

My inbox this morning has comments about this article from Norwalk and Stamford, CT and Cortlandt, NY. That is not a few towns away, that is a 50 mile spread.

What I was looking for at the North Salem Daily Voice is North Salem news: do we have a national renowned astrophysicist speaking in town tomorrow; will I be able to read about the harvest festival this weekend; what was said at the 911 ceremony; update, how are the new police station, highway department and court buildings coming; where is the picture of the bridge replacement? These are the details a "local' reporter brings us with images.

Prior to finding the North Salem Daily Voice I was contemplating creating a local news blog or FaceBook site to collaborate news stories. At this point I get more local information from our supervisor at https://www.facebook.com/groups/NorthSalemNYinfoMember/

- Lost in North Salem, Looking for local news.

Hidden Identities:

Give it a break, this is not reporting, this is repeating,,,,, we already listen to NPR and read the Times, we want local news in a local post,,,,,,, by: "The Daily Voice" ? that is not even a reporter who wants to put their name on the article and take credit,,,, oh, wait, that is not writing, it is cut and paste.

Time to find Michael Nocella, where is he reporting? Where does he live? He is not writing for North Salem. Where is our past reporter Katherine Pacchiana? She did a great job and was always seen lurking around town with her trusty camera and note pad, a good old fashioned town reporter!!! Please bring Katherine back - Thanks.


This is due to the TREASONISTS of the TEA PARTY

evelyn h:

Pathetic, Piage


Yes I agree Evelyn the tea party is pathetic.

Activist Bill:

Piage, this incident has nothing to do with Tea Party. It's pathetic what the Left will resort to, making unjustified and unverified allegations, using this tragedy for their own politics.


How much more will this country have to endure until the Tea party is considered terrorist group.

Activist Bill:

Piage, why is it the Lefties deny the truth and only acknowledge it when it suits their politics? The Tea Party does have some serious issues, but they're not terrorists. The only terrorists we need to be concerned about, are Muslims.


The right wingers aka the tea party are terrorists.

Activist Bill:

And the Lefties are the oppressors of the working people, especially minorities.


It is a sad day when when action to cause us to live closer to, but still nowhere near, our means is cause for charges of "treason".

How lost is today's left?


Then hit delete. Seriously? It had to with DC and a local resident - nearby Weschester. It does have impact locally.

Chris P.:

It’s unclear whether or not this will just be passed off as a mentally challenged woman who tried to ram some gates, or as some racist government-hating, Obamacare critic desperately acting out on her political grievance.
What’s certain is that the news media will get to enjoy weaving fanciful narratives about the incident over the next couple of days while ignoring actual news stories that genuinely impact a significant number of Americans.


I, like a lot of westchester residents, work in Stamford, CT, so I find this extremely interesting.


Then you should sign up for breaking news alerts at the Stamford site. They have all of these separate Daily Voice sites for each different town/city. They shouldn't send "breaking news" alerts to all of them.


I sincerely think if you wanted just Yorktown Hts news, you would have a very quiet inbox.


I just want Yorktown Heights BREAKING news, which is what I got an email saying this was. Specifically, I got email with a subject "NEWS ALERT: Woman Killed By Police In..." and inside was a link to this article. It was sent from "The Yorktown Daily", not "The Stamford Daily", not "The Fairfield County Daily". This is not CNN or the NY Times website. This is a "hyper-local" site. I get a daily email summarizing the stories from Yorktown and the immediate surrounding area. Their "news alert" emails should respect the same type of local coverage, not be sent to everyone in the region.


It's worthy because they will sometimes put stories in Westchester or Fairfield counties in to the larger area if it's an especially significant story. Since this person was a resident of one of those counties and had an impact on the White House and the Capitol, it reached that threshold, or so I'm guessing.


Why is this worthy of a "News Alert" sent to Yorktown Heights, NY residents??????????????? I don't even understand why it's on the Yorktown site, no less being sent as email.