Astorino Cites Cuomo Staff In Seat Snub At Obama Speech

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Rob Astorino, left, claims Gov. Andrew Cuomo's camp forced the county executive to sit in the back during President Barrack Obama's speech in Tarrytown on Wednesday, May 14.
Rob Astorino, left, claims Gov. Andrew Cuomo's camp forced the county executive to sit in the back during President Barrack Obama's speech in Tarrytown on Wednesday, May 14. Photo Credit: File

TARRYTOWN, N.Y. -- Westchester County Executive and Republican gubernatorial hopeful Rob Astorino said he was the victim of a seating snub at President Barack Obama's speech in Tarrytown and that Gov. Andrew Cuomo's camp is to blame, according to 

Astorino's senior adviser Phil Oliva said he witnessed one of Cuomo's staffers interfering with someone from the White House. Astorino ended up watching the speech with fellow Republican and Rockland County Executive Ed Day from the back, said.

Cuomo's spokesperson denied any hand in the incident, reported. 

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Comments (11)

Cuomo is an odious slimeball politician.

Politicians at their best. County Executives should have been upfront but this was a Presidential Show. I think the President was really in the area for the 9-11 Museum and used this setting as another opportunity to make his feelings known. Congress is doing nothing but trying to counter anything Obama is doing. As a result, we all lose. I am surprised that the bridge is going to be rebuilt but it is going to cost a lot more and take a lot longer to finish it. Look how long 287 took to fix.

The GOP hopeless. Name one piece of state or Federal legislation that has proposed by GOP that is designed to help the middle class.

Democrats passed legislation to tax Social Security not the GOP, this was passed under Bill Clinton. GOP passed Medicare Part D for prescription drug converge. GOP fighting to undue parts of Obamacare that cuts benefits to seniors. Under Obama care, seniors cannot receive certain medical treatments after a certain age. Does this help the middle class that worked hard, contributed to SS all their lives ? Obama care took $716 billion out of Medicare too pay toward his socialized medical coverage for illegals and those who have contributed absolutely nothing to this country! The middle class is paying for all these programs! Who do you think is paying for all the union benefits given to the unions as a reward for voting Obama in office. States are going bankrupt trying to pay out all these union pensions and medical benefits. In essence, the average middle class American is paying for everyone else in some form of taxes. Look at all the Democratic controlled states, they are the ones going bankrupt! Unless people wake up and vote for the right person, New York will be next. Say goodbye to your jobs and real estate values if that happens.
By the way, what good legislation have Democrats passed that has helped the so called middle class? Seems they are only benefiting the free loaders! The average working class people are being taken. The rich know how to get around the system. Only the millions signing up for Medicaid under Obama care will benefit.

Let's assume that you are right and it is zero legislation- that is still way better than the legislation continuously put forth by the Democrats that has done nothing but further destroy the middle class.

Obama has lied on all the promises he made to people prior to his election. There is not enough room on this page to list them all. He is taking this country down fast! We are losing our constitutional rights and becoming a socialist nation.

Obama was selected/elected based solely on Affirmative Action. He had no experience running any municipal or state government, or a business. He has been a disgrace to the people of the U.S., and other global leaders know it, they see right through him. But his supporters, especially the Wall Street bankers who own him, continue to publicly praise him.

Even worse, the President,in his remarks, acknowledged the presence of the Governor, the three Congressional reps, and the Mayor of Tarrytown (all Dems), but not the County Executives of Rockland and Westchester, who were both there, but had the audacity to be Republicans. Our President drones on about Democrats and Republicans working together, but in reality it's just lip service as he is unable to display even the least bit of civility and courtesy.

He's a very small and classless man. Imagine, a US president not being mature enough to acknowledge Republican politicans.

You mean Napoleon Astorino.

What do you expect from Il Duce, Benito Cuomo?