Chappaqua's Hillary Clinton's Book Tour May Preview Presidential Campaign

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Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton Photo Credit: File photo

CHAPPAQUA, N.Y. – Hillary Clinton’s new book will become available on June 10, and book marketing strategies taken in the last few months lead to speculation of a possible presidential campaign according to USA Today.

Last Tuesday, the “author’s note” of the book was released, and Clinton announced she would give an interview to Diane Sawyer on June 9 and Good Morning America the day of the book release.

News stories about Clinton’s latest book have assisted with the creation of organizations such as Ready for Hillary and Priorities USA, anticipating Clinton’s 2016 presidential run even though she has not officially stated she would run again.

Clinton will be making six confirmed stops on her book tour in Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, an appearance at a Costco Warehouse in Arlington, Virginia, and two appearances in Canada.

Simon & Schuster said that the book's first printing of 1 million copies has sold out to book retailers.

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Will she share her personal feelings when Bill was getting sex from Monica Lewinsky in the "Oval" office; or how she said "what difference does it make" when referring to the murder of our Ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi; or how she fell and had a brain anuerism which can repeat itself anytime; or when she failed to propose any legislation as a Senator from New York; or did not achieve anything notewotthy as Secretary of State, but put our Ambassador in harms way; keep writing books Ms. Clinton, because you will not be the President of these United States.