Committee Recommends $3.1B Tappan Zee Bridge Design

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The Tappan Zee Bridge selection committee is recommending this bridge design to the New York State Thruway Authority. Photo Credit: New York State

TARRYTOWN, N.Y. – Here's a peak at what the new Tappan Zee Bridge could look like.

Photo Album Tappan Zee Bridge Proposed Designs

State officials released details of three proposals Wednesday afternoon, detailing costs and designs for the new Hudson River crossing. Construction could begin after the new year.

“To get a bridge to this point in a year was really just fantastic,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday during his cabinet meeting.

The New York State Thruway Authority will vote on the proposed designs at a Dec. 17 meeting.

The bridge's official selection committee is recommending Proposal No. 1 at a cost of $3.142 billion. The proposed bridge will also take the least amount of time for construction and the least amount of dredging.

The selection committee pored over more than 750,000 pages of submitted bids, reviewing each submission's technical details, design and costs. About 50 percent of the recommendation factors were based on cost, Tappan Zee Bridge adviser Brian Conybeare said during Cuomo's cabinet meeting Wednesday.

The recommended proposal would take five years and three months to build. The design would include the dredging of about 951,000 cubic yards of river bottom.

Proposal No. 2 would cost $3.990 billion. Construction would take about six years and include the dredging of about 1.8 million cubic yards of soil.

Proposal No. 3 would cost $4.059 billion and take about six years to build. Dredging would include about 1.55 million cubic yards of river bottom.

Officials estimate that an additional $600 to $800 million will be added to the cost of the project over five years for financing, management, oversight and aesthetic improvements.

State officials are still working with the U.S. Department of Transportation on a federal loan to help pay for a third of the bridge, Conybeare said.

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Comments (9)

Chip N Putt:

$3 to $4 Billion?? BILLION?? That's a lot of steel, cement, dredging and manpower. Looks like a lot of public servants and construction folks are going to get rich off of this boondoggle. Start another poll to estimate the cost over-runs. And another to name this thing, maybe something like, The Gravy Train Bridge.

When will our elected officials learn? To consider a design without a mass transit option is irresponsible.


“To get a bridge to this point in a year was really just fantastic,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday during his cabinet meeting.

It seems that we have discussing the bridge replacement for at least a decade. Perhaps our Governor is megalomanical?

Maybe it's the perspective, but the proposed bridge is capital U ugly.


Appreciate the opportunity to vote on the 3 designs, however not enough info was offered. I might have been swayed toward one vote over the other if info on # of decks was provided, is there going to be a light rail? These just look like design changes & NOT changes to solve the congestion problems!! I voted "None of the choices".


From a congestion standpoint, the bridges are basically alike. Each has two spans (one for westbound traffic, the other eastbound) and all will be mass-transit ready when they open (but no light rail will be offered until a system is built on land).

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