Democrats Ask 'Where Is Rob?' As Astorino Gets Set For Gubernatorial Run

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – Despite facing harsh criticism from high-ranking Westchester Democrats regarding his whereabouts since being re-elected, County Executive Rob Astorino has stood resolute, and appears poised to announce a gubernatorial run next week.


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Legislator Ken Jenkins (D-16), Peter Harckham (D-2) and County Clerk Tim Idoni launched last week, questioning how Astorino has spent his time in office since being re-elected in November, claiming his attention has been divided between the county and his expected run against Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

According to the website, Astorino spent 14 of his first 67 business days out of the county – including three out of state trips – since being re-elected. It is believed that he has been hot on the campaign trail, securing donations rubbing elbows with influential members of the GOP.

“It appears as if Rob Astorino has forgotten that his first responsibility is to the people of Westchester,” Harckham said. “Instead of taking care of business in the county, he has been traveling to fundraisers and meeting with political groups around the state and country.”

The County Executive recently launched his own website and fundraising campaign, “Rob Astorino for Governor,” which has been critical of Cuomo and his time in the governor’s office. Astorino bristled at the criticism being levied his way, noting that Jenkins and Harckham have been ousted from leadership positions in the past.

“I’m here today, and doing everything I need to do to run this county,” he said while announcing his jobs initiative in White Plains Monday. “It’s pretty ironic that two Democrats on the county board who were thrown out by their own party in their leadership roles are the ones being the instigators. It’s silly.”

Astorino added that even though his Democratic detractors have dubbed him an absentee county executive, he is constantly in contact with the county, even when he is traveling.

“I’m in the office. And even when I’m not in the county, or I’m on vacation, I stay in touch with the deputy county executive, the chief of staff, our commissioners and make the decisions that need to be made,” he said.

Jenkins said that Astorino needs to be more present, noting that taxpayers elected he, not members of his staff, to office.

“People didn’t elect (chief of staff) George Oros and (Deputy County Executive) Kevin Plunkett to run the county,” he said.

With the imminent announcement of his gubernatorial run, Democrats are claiming that Astorino, who “asked (taxpayers) for another four years, to continue down our path,” isn’t fulfilling campaign promises he made prior to being elected for a second term.

“There are serious challenges here in Westchester that he promised the taxpayers he would be here to engage,” Harckham said. “For the first two months, he has not earned his salary and owes taxpayers an explanation.”

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Comments (7)

@fanny. your gravely mistaken about Social security, It was Regan and Bush Who Raided those Funds....oooops

I think Idoni's spending too much time on this and should redirect his energy into the Office of County Clerk. Isn't that what he's paid to do? Maybe he should resign?

Oh, that job (county clerk) could be eliminated? Yes, that's correct and if we never heard from Tim Idoni again we'd all be better off.

He was bad enough that New Rochelle had to promote him to get rid of him.

Actually, it was Clinton and his Democrats who raided the SS Trust Fund. They did have some help from their Republican colleagues of course, but it was the Democrats' idea to raid SS.

I don't think Astorino will win, because Cuomo is very good at lying and convincing the public that he's lowered taxes, brought more businesses to NY, repaired infrastrutcure, etc. The public likes a liar, as proven by their electing Obama twice, and Hillary Clinton as Senator a few years ago, and Nita Lowey, Charles Schumer, and in NYC now, Bill DeBlasio.


After Idoni ran New Rochelle into the ground, while at the same time running for that esteemed and vitally important position of County Clerk (how in the world would I survive my life without knowing he's at his desk in White Plains?).

He has the balls to wonder where Rob Asorino is, and accuse him of not being responsible to the citizens of Westchester?

This whole idea that Astorino isn't fulfilling his duty and is an absent official is 100% propaganda. It is pathetic smoke screening by Democrats who have a very obvious ulterior motive to drum up the idea. It is based on nothing. We are all very lucky that Rob won and is our executive or we would all be dealing with Noam, who is nothing but a former speech writer that can't even fix potholes in New Rochelle and gives himself a 40 something % raise. Don't dilute your own intelligence by paying any attention to this propaganda.

None of the democrats have earned their salaries in years, they just know how to tax and spend. LBJ spent the funds contributed to social security by the had working citizens of this nation on the great society. Poverty still exists. A prime example is Detroit, which has received an excess to keep this union town going, and look at it, Detroit looks like many of the European cities after World War II, or worse. What bombs fell on Detroit? The bombs of political corruption and greed, mostly of the democratic party kind.

Another sterling example of democrat initiative is the democrat members of the senate, who all voted to shackle US with obamacare; and who all also voted to exempt themselves from, guess what obamacare. Great endorsement for obamacare; the ethics of the democrat party, and their concern for the people. Don't make me laugh. All they are concern about is themselves.

Just look around, California bankrupt cities, and going bankrupt, itself.
Westchester County, highest taxes in the nation, who has control the county legislature, while our taxes have been going out of sight, you guessed it, the democrats. The most serious challenge in westchester are the democratic legislators.

Hey Jenkins, why don't you fulfill the wish of those who voted for Rob, why don't you resign!