Scarsdale Trustees Tour Various Village Sites

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The Scarsdale Board of Trustees discussing the problems with the location at 1 Palmer Avenue.
The Scarsdale Board of Trustees discussing the problems with the location at 1 Palmer Avenue. Photo Credit: Zak Failla
The Scarsdale Board of Trustees on its annual bus tour of the village.
The Scarsdale Board of Trustees on its annual bus tour of the village. Photo Credit: Zak Failla

SCARSDALE, N.Y. – Although Mother Nature threatened to derail the entire event, the Scarsdale Board of Trustees was able to get out and pound the pavement on Wednesday during its annual bus tour of various village projects.

Each year, the trustees set aside a morning for a personal bus tour, where they review long-term village projects and sites in the community that are under way or planned for the future.

After a near two-hour weather delay, which saw the trustees discussing issues inside their chambers at Village Hall, this year’s abbreviated tour included stops at Reeves Newsome Pump Water Supply Station, George Field Park, the Sheldrake Drainage Basin and the still vacant location at 1 Palmer Ave.

Scarsdale Mayor Robert Steves said that it’s good for the trustees to get out of Village Hall every once in a while to reconnect with the people and projects that are shaping the village.

“Once a year, it allows us to introduce new members to the major capital projects, and to get a feel for the development issues,” he said. “There’s nothing like being able to go out to a site, it’s good for us to see them.”

Of particular concern to the trustees was the location at 1 Palmer Ave., which has been a point of contention in the village’s Five Corners, mainly because of its aesthetics, which stick out in that section of the village.

According to the trustees, who caution that the building is still “unfinished,” the building was radically divergent from initial artist renderings, and simply doesn’t fit into that part of the village, where the building is surrounded by businesses that showcase Scarsdale’s 1900s roots.

Plans for the location include landscaping along the sidewalk, and fixing a light fixture, among other things. A yoga studio was in talks to utilize the space, but ultimately talks were broken off and the space remains uninhabited.

“The building is just out of character for the village, there’s an aesthetics issue. And while it’s not a village project, it is a village issue,” Steves added. “Maybe if they used more natural materials it would help. But it’s important to remember it’s not finished yet.”

Trustee David Lee, serving his second term, said that it is invaluable for the board to get out in the community.

“It’s good for us to get out there and see what progress is being made, since not all of us were here when things started,” he said. “It’s helpful for us to see where certain things are going to be build where in the village.”

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In an article on May 21, 2014 written by Joanne Wallenstein at www. scarsdale10583 .com Scarsdale Mayor Bob Steves was asked to comment on the petition for a deferral. Speaking for himself he said, "After a number of conversations and the inadequacies of the prior roll, I see no reason to delay implementation of this roll. There has been nothing that has come to my attention that should delay the reval at this point."

Due to much widespread confusion to many Scarsdale homeowners on all levels of property worth who are having trouble understanding the methodology used by Tyler Technologies, Inc. in determining their reassessments, further clarification would be beneficial.

To better understand and being it is public record listed on the Village of Scarsdale's website
www. scarsdale .com (Assessor section under "Property Inquiry") let us ask upon Mayor Steves to please explain how Tyler Technologies methodology works for example with his own home and property's reassessment and compares to his next door neighbors property. Here's how they compare side by side:

Assessed Value Total: Tentative 2014 AV / 2013 FMV AV / (Adjustment amount)
Mayor Steves' house and property (2 Fairview Rd.): $1,094,000 / $1,104,046 / (Decreased $10,046)
Next Door Neighbors house and property (4 Fairview Rd.): $968,000 / $609,827 / (Increased $358,173)

Property Information
Mayor' house: 0.44 acre
Next Door Neighbors house: 0.38 acre

Building Information/Living Area
Mayor' house: 2534 sq. ft.
Next Door Neighbors house: 1600 sq. ft.

Mayor' house: B 105%
Next Door Neighbors house: C 100%

(Note: For "Overall Condition" rating as follows: Excellent, Good, Normal, Fair, Poor)
Overall Condition:
Mayor' house: Good
Next Door Neighbors house: Poor

(See the Scarsdale Village website for more details as to how these two properties compare).

Please Mr. Mayor help us in understanding why comparable houses and properties have such large marginal differences in using Tyler Tecnologies' methodology that determines 2013 market value reassessments?