Trump Says Westchester's Rob Astorino Has No Chance Against Cuomo

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Donald Trump
Donald Trump

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Billionaire Donald Trump took to his Twitter account to weigh in on Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino's potential gubernatorial run against Gov. Andrew Cuomo next year.

"I like Rob Astorino. He's a friend and a really good guy. Sadly, he has ZERO chance of beating Cuomo and the 2 to 1 Dems for governor!," Trump Tweeted

Polls conducted by Quinnipiac University and The Wall Street Journal/NBC New York 4/Marist College in November agree with Trump's opinion, giving the Democrat Cuomo comfortable double-digit leads over Republican Astorino in both polls. 

Astorino has yet to decide if he will challenge Cuomo.

The Republican was re-elected county executive in November when he defeated New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson with 56.2 percent of the vote in predominately Democratic Westchester County. 

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Comments (11)

Donald Trump's comments are news? Please!

Astroino has already won twice (comfortably I might add) in 2-1 Dem Westchester, so he obviously has a message that resonates across the political divide. Why would Trump think that Astorino could not overcome a 2-1 state Dem edge when he has already beaten those same odds twice in the county?

Astorino was able to smear his way to a second term in Westchester, against a woefully underfunded but superior candidate. Cuomo has over 3 million in his war-chest and a mighty machine behind him. I'm a Independent and don't particularly like Cuomo, but Trump is right; he would grind the little putz in White Plains into the ground like a spent cigar.

When one has no issues or facts or positions to support their candidate they resort to name calling or loathsome words - hence Mr. Hechler opines in such a manner; much like the talking points from the high command.

Just so you know, I can't stand Cuomo, I do not support him. So I don't know who's getting talking points you think are being beamed from a mythical "High Command," but it's not me. If you're hearing them I recommend a tin foil hat. I simply stated that Mr. Astorino ran an unfair smear campaign and that if he ran a similar campaign against this govenor he would be crushed.

If you're looking for facts you should investigate the cost to the county of Mr. astorino's war with HUD and the legal costs the county is has incurred fighting lawsuits brought on by his short sightedness and lack lust leadership.

Trump is a corporatist first and patriot a distant second. He says he is conservative but gives to leftist causes in order to keep his cash flow going. Just like Wall Street types.

Whether you like Trump or not, perhaps it will focus the discussion or help commence a groundswell of efforts to get the likes of Cuomo , the Bloombergs and the other anti-Constitutional destroyers of the Empire State OUT. Too bad NY doesn't have an electoral college to get the REAL voice of NY into office, as opposed to the sheer numbers of urban liberal nut jobs that now populate NYC and environs in the majority. The rest of the country laments how great NY USED to be. Cuomo, an impeachable icon of it all! Maybe Trump should run. P.S. Arrogant defines the Democrats. Start your indignation and exclamation points there.

Really, who cares what this joker thinks? Don't let him have the microphone.

Dear Mr. Trump,

Who do you offer as an alternative to a Governor who has one goal in life which is to take what you/me/others have earned and give it away to those who have no right to it.

If the so-called New York Press were truly unbiased they would give a fair airing to alternatives to the dependency based society that Cuomo and his kind wish to foist on all of us.

Mr. Trump ask yourself how much has life improved for simple working New Yorkers under Mr. Cuomo's thinking and like minded acolytes.

We have NO tax reform. NO new high real wealth creating employment.

The only ones getting rich are those on the upper east and west sides with Wall Street paper.

Mr. Cuomo does not want to use New York's natural gas resources for creating good wealth creation for the little man. He panders to fake concern.

Mr. Cuomo pushed gambling so that we can have janitorial jobs for casinos with a place for the poor to have mind numbing wishes of impossible riches.

Mr. Trump run or come up with an alternative, as things stand now New York will fail in the not to distant future.

Do I care what Donald Trump has to say .....................NOPE !

This sayeth the "word of the Lord?" I think not. How arrogant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!