Scarsdale High School in Nation's Top 100 for Math, Science

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Rye High School is rated the 72nd best high school in the nation among 22,000 surveyed by U.S. News & World Report.
Rye High School is rated the 72nd best high school in the nation among 22,000 surveyed by U.S. News & World Report. Photo Credit: File photo

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. – Five Westchester County high schools are among the top 100 in the nation, according to a study done for U.S. News & World Report. Also, five Westchester schools are among the Top 100 in the nation when it comes to math and science.

Yonkers Middle High School (24), Rye (72), Horace Greeley High in Chappaqua (79), Dobbs Ferry (83) and Edgemont (96) made the list of the nation's 100 elite schools, chosen from among 22,000 that were evaluated from 49 states and the District of Columbia. Nebraska did not report enough data to be included. According to the website, schools were awarded gold, silver or bronze medals based on state proficiency standards, how well they prepare students for college and other factors.

The study also evaluated schools in math and science. According to the website, the study looked at the nearly 600 schools that qualified for the Gold, Silver and Honorable Mention lists of the 2009 U.S. News Best High Schools and then evaluated their students' participation rates and performances on AP exams in math and science.

Hitting the top 100 in math and science were Horace Greeley (23), Rye (34), Bronxville (39), Edgemont (42) and Scarsdale (73).

For the complete rankings, see the website.

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Let's not take this silly study too seriously. Typically for a magazine funded effort, it is an unsophisticated look at high schools, based on only ONE measure: what proportion of students take AP classes?
Yes, that's it. No other aspect of the school counts in this survey.
THe point is to sell magazines, not to make accurate rankings.

Has anyone noticed that eight of the first 10 high schools in NY are in the New York City School District? They have student to teacher ratios as high as 22 to 1, some of which have very high minority and low-income student populations while spending considerably less per student. Therefore, when you hear the Hendrick Hudson district with a 13 to one student ratio and other districts insist that spending 25 million dollars for sports and entertainment complexes will make them competitive think again! Districts should stop talking about how good they are and really start to provide the education they say they are for the huge taxes we pay. They do have every sports team every invented, think about this when you go to vote for these out of control budgets next week.

For years the local superintendents associations hammered Westchester Magazine to stop ranking local schools, because every school in westchester is somehow the absolute best and to say otherwise was blasphemy. Each little fiefdom was wonderful. Truth is they are all mediocre, overfunded, cash machines for the teachers union. Some like those named in these annual rankings over funded enough to have the time to sell their aura on a national level. Funny how they all rail against standardized testing but will bask in the glow of meaningless rankings. Yonkers Middle School? Really?

I don’t see Harrison High School on this list. Yet Rye is and 4 other Westchester Schools. The BOE is suggesting we approve a 104.2 MILLION DOLLAR budget to maintain the quality of education our children are getting. Evidently this quality of education is not enough to make the top 100 schools. Where does this money go? ADMINISTRATORS that’s where most of it goes. Disregard the smoke and mirrors that the BOE puts out there and vote no on May 15 2012. This is yours and my money being spent tell them enough!! This is the bulk of your taxes in the Town of Harrison. This School budget is almost twice of what he Town Budget is. When the town has a budget meeting the place is packed yet no one will come out to vote against the school budget. Please get out and vote no May 15th 2012