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Jack Hewitt Is Scarsdale's Athlete of the Month

Jack Hewitt is averaging 15 points and 8.5 rebounds per game for the Scarsdale varsity boys basketball team.
Jack Hewitt is averaging 15 points and 8.5 rebounds per game for the Scarsdale varsity boys basketball team. Photo Credit: Courtesy Bill Hewitt

SCARSDALE, N.Y. – When Jack Hewitt takes the floor for the Scarsdale varsity boys basketball team, he commands attention.

The 6-foot-7 senior center has been a major factor in Scarsdale’s 13-4 start. He is averaging 15 points and 8.5 rebounds a game, and as a result of his fine play, Hewitt is The Scarsdale Daily Voice's January Student-Athlete of the Month.

The Raiders are thriving with a new offensive system that utilizes Hewitt’s all-around game.

“I feel more effective in the paint than running around the perimeter,” Hewitt said. “We play inside-out, with guys cutting off of each other, and that opens up a lot of things for us.”

And it all starts with Hewitt. Once he establishes his position on the low block, teams are facing one of two options, either double-team him or play him straight up.

Once the double team comes, Hewitt is quick enough to pass the ball out to an open teammate for a jump shot. When a team opts to leave Hewitt on one man, the center uses his versatility to beat the defender. Hewitt will go with a drop step to the basket or back the defender down to the basket or turn and drop a 10-foot jumper.

“We all love this offense,” Hewitt said. “For some teams it’s kind of a pick your poison-type thing. If they double-team me, one of my teammates is going to be open for a 3 or a 2. Once I make that pass out, I have the confidence that the guys are going to make it because they are all excellent shooters.

“If they don’t double-team me then it’s a one-on-one post move for me.”

Hewitt said Scarsdale made a smooth transition to the new offense, which has driven the Raiders' early-season success and enabled them to build momentum. The fact that they know one another as players is another plus.

“We have eight seniors, so we have that chemistry,” Hewitt said. “A lot of us have been playing together since we were in fifth and sixth grade. This time together has made it that they know what I’m doing before I do it, and I know what they are doing before they do it.”