Poll: When Will The National Hockey League Begin Play?

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Photo Credit: New York Rangers/NHL

TARRYTOWN, N.Y. – The New York Rangers hockey training practice center in Tarrytown remained quiet again Monday, as the season remained in limbo and the National Hockey League and NHL Players Association renewed collective bargaining discussions after a week apart.


When Will The NHL Begin Its Season?

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When Will The NHL Begin Its Season?

  • The season won't begin until after the New Year.

  • The games will begin before Christmas.

  • I don't follow professional hockey

  • I'd rather watch recreational and high school hockey.

  • There won't be a season at all.

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The last time the sides met was Nov. 11 in a short session that ended after less than an hour. According to the league office, the league and the union have tried to gain agreement on player contracting issues without success.

Details of Monday's agenda were not disclosed by the league. The sides have failed to forge common ground on any of the key divisive issues.

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